Without Using Keylogger and Phishing how to Hack Facebook

Start an internet search to find the very best ways to hack a Facebook account.


What results did you get? We'd say hazard a guess mostly about phishing and keyloggers, right? if we are to it Sure, we are right.

Phishing is an easy procedure and also a hacker favorite that is clear. It uses a cloned or a fraudulent site to dupe victims into entering their account user name and password. When the information is entered by them, it's immediately sent to the hacker to use in whatever scheme he is cooking up.

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Keylogger makes use of either hardware or software to send an infected file to the intended victim's computer. Every keystroke done on the device is logged, once the file is opened. The data is collected and sent to the email address the hacker has put. Afterward it is just a question of sorting through the data to find the Facebook username and password the hacker wants.

But those two http://www.hayy.net address to send the reset email to, you should produce a new email account specifically for this purpose. Recall you are trying to hack into another person's account. You actually don't want your valid email address associated with that, do you?

-- Don't know your casualty's complete name? Try getting his Facebook profile page. It is typically reflected there. Or if it is not, test your sleuthing skills by running a Google search on the email address that is primary the he's using. It merely might redirect you to his other accounts where his complete details are listed. The same trick may be used to find out his date of birth.

-- The Facebook URL is only Facebook.com/(username)

Hacking into Facebook accounts have never been easier with all of the tools and procedures available now. However, sometimes the old school method is still the most clear-cut approach to go about it.