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Noire Samhain's Journal
Halloween is Every day
The Life and Culture of Succubi and Incubae

Among all of the demon species, there are few as well known as the Lust demons. Although known collectively as Lust demons, males are actually known as Incubae (Incubus, singular) and the females are the Succubi (succubus, singular). In the world known as Hell, they serve as gatherers of human DNA.
Why do they do this? The Demon race is by nature infertile. They require human DNA to combine, splice and change in order to create children. Through seductions of humans, Lust demons accomplish this goal much to the benefit of their race and with no harm to humans.
Despite this oddity, family life is very important to Lust demons, and demons in general. Children are often adopted by couples as soon as they are born, and are raised very much similar to children both born to a couple or adopted children in the human world. Love holds great importance as well, which strengthens this aspect of their society. Once the love of a Lust demon is gained, it will never be lost as long as one is loyal. Both Succubi and Incubae can be a sight to behold when their love is misplaced or taken advantage of.
Despite their job by birth, many Lust demons take other jobs to earn money for necessities, luxuries, or for passing the time. The job of gathering DNA is a irregular one, and a Lust demon does not have a target every day.
Lust demons by nature are bisexual, or attracted both sexes. As Demons cannot have babies, homosexual relationships are neither frowned on nor hidden to stop embarrassment. Marriages are common occurrences among all species of Demon, and divorce is rare. However, divorce is available to those who wish for it.
Personalities of Lust demons tend to be energetic, emotional, and outgoing, with much more than a touch of sexuality. Like humans, there are exceptions to this, however. Some demons, known as "quirks" are anti-social, awkward, timid, or shy. This interferes with their natural job their race is meant to serve, and can lead to bullying. The suicide rate for "quirks" is about 25% higher than the average Lust demon.
The group is physiologically diverse, unlike other demon species. Although on a humanoid build, Lust demons often have various physical attributes that more match animals than humans. Examples include wings, odd colored skin, tail, horns, fangs, scales, serpentine or cat like eyes, or a combination of any of the above. In other aspects, they seem human. The most common hair colors are red and black, and their eyes are more often than not green or red.
Lust demons have similar blood and organs to ours, including the sex organs, and produce human pheromones naturally. The main key difference in their structure is the adding of two more organs. One of these organs is a second stomach. This second stomach serves as a container for human DNA, and works with the other organ. This other organ produces the magic inherent in all demons, but produces different kinds for each race. For flying Lust demons, it allows the wings to be abnormally small but still support their weight and fly for long distances. All Lust demons have the inherent ability of seduction through this organ, through the use of dream and hormone manipulation. The magic-producing organ connects both the sex organs and the prostate area to this second stomach, allowing DNA collection through sexual acts with humans.
Lust demons like all demons age slowly, making their life spans measure in thousands of years. Demons aren't even considered adults until they are at least 5 hundred years of age. Puberty is similar to humans minus some traits such as the maturing of wings, the second stomach, and the magic producing organ. Pimples, mood swings, bouts of sexual moods, and voice cracking are common.
The leader of the Lust demons is the Fallen Angel known as Azazel, whose name means "Scapegoat" in Arabic. He is married to Lillith, a Succubus of great age. His adopted son is an Incubus named Noire. Noire is a quirk who works most commonly in a small coffee shop/diner. Noire is currently in a relationship with, to the amazement of most people, the pop star Asmodeus Wood, an irregular demon from the human world.

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