There is a well-known saying that has been doing the rounds in the aviation business and it goes like this, 'Once you decide to fly a helicopter, you'll probably never return to fixed wing'. This adage is so true in most cases, as most people who go in for the fixed wing way of living will always end up yearning for something that provides them with more freedom like rotary wing flying. There are few jobs that are exciting, interesting and challenging in the aviation industry. One such job is of the helicopter pilot. Most helicopter pilots, fall in love flying a chopper and would not trade their job for any other career in the flying business.

The opportunities available for the up and coming helicopter pilots today are more than ripe. Once upon a time, this field was brimming with Vietnam war era pilots who had absolutely no intentions of leaving their jobs. However, these numbers have dwindled since then, because of age factors and of course, the lure of retirement. Most companies are perpetually on the lookout for new and talent pilots to fill vacancies that range from helicopter tours to offshore oil support.

In the past, the total time required for employment was approximately 3000 hours. However, these days, the time limit have been shaved down drastically to 500 hours in extreme cases! In such cases. You need to ask yourself why aspiring helicopter pilots aren't breaking down doors to get the jobs of their dream, since the requirements are so great. The answer to that is simple - in order to become a marketable pilot, you still need to pay your dues in this field.

Just like for most other fields, operators want their personnel to be highly qualified, so as a job applicant, you would seem more appealing to the helicopter operators if you had more time. Another valid and excellent point is to build time in an aircraft with a respected name. Enstrom, Hiller, Schweizer, Hughes and Bell are all well-known names in the aviation industry.

The planning that is involved in order to become a professional helicopter pilot is not easy - it requires loads of research, study, logic and observation of industry needs. Let us have a look at some of the possible pilot jobs, where you can make your mark.

What Jobs are available to Aspiring Helicopter Pilots?

When speaking about helicopter flying, there are many helicopter pilot employment options for aspiring aviators. Here are a few:

Aerial Photography

There are many commercial organizations looking out for helicopter pilots for projects that involves aerial photography. These pilots should be free to travel around the country and may be for months on end.

Electronic Media

There are plenty of jobs in the field of television and radio for helicopter pilots. News stations require helicopter pilots who can cover live news as well as high-speed chases occurring on highway. These pilots help in gathering news for radio and TV as well help carry out aerial shooting for mini-series as well as movies.

Law Enforcement

Police department is always on the look-out for good helicopter pilots. These pilots need to follow or track suspects aerially. Many times, helicopter pilots from the police department are involved in search and rescue operations as well. One may even find openings for helicopter pilots with security contractors.

Fire Fighting

There are many fire departments around the world, who use helicopters during fire. These helicopter pilots need to transport firefighters on skyscrapers or apartments to reach the fire quickly. These pilots also help in rescuing people stuck on terrace or windows of high-rise buildings.

Search and Rescue

In case of any natural or man-made calamities, search and rescue helicopter pilots are the unsung heroes. They take risk and hover above dangerous terrains and help rescue people as well as animals in some cases from sure death.

Military Pilots

Military pilots are some of the few lucky pilots who can fly some of the most advanced choppers in the world. However, being in the military calls for a different lifestyle and requirements. Not only does the army help add flying experience to your resume and open up more avenues when you opt for civilian service.

Pilot Instructor

In order to teach new aspirants how to fly a helicopter, there is huge demand for capable instructors. It is not an easy task to teach someone the art of flying. If you have the skill it takes to teach an amateur pilot to turn into a professional helicopter pilot, then becoming an instructor will prove to be the best job for you.

Ambulance Pilot

Helicopter pilots can help rush accident victims or patients to the hospital in their flying machines. Helicopter pilots can carve a niche in the EMS field by helping patients receive prompt medical care in the hospital. The job of becoming