rng adventure
Journey begins:
You find yourself in a dark cave

RNG to begin [1-15]

You glance around and see before you three items: A gun, a torch, and a pair of fuzzy dice. You pick up

[1-5] - The gun

This sounds too much like the setup to a bad movie, so you go right for the gun.
RNG to continue[1-6]

[1-3] Unfortunately, you never learned how to use a gun. Pro-tip: usually you don't check for bullets by looking down the barrel.
[4-6] Now armed, you decide the torch could come in handy as well. Good idea!
RNG to continue [1-20]

[6-10] - The Torch

Nothing better in the dark than a light!
RNG to continue[1-6]

[1-3] Unless you are covered in gasoline. Oops?
[4-6] Now that you can see, some of those shadows look a little menacing. Let's grab that gun as well, shall we?
RNG to continue [1-20]

[11-15] - The fuzzy dice.

Oh dear, it seems the monster living in this cave really liked those dice. On the bright side, it now has a new chewtoy.

There seems to be a slight breeze coming from the left. You decide that must be the way out and follow it.

[1-5] - It turns out it's not a breeze, but a monster snoring. Unfortunately you find this out by stepping on its tail. Too bad you forgot to check if the gun had bullets!
[6-10] - It is the exit!! You run out of the cave happily, only to fall down the cliff after being blinded by the sunlight. Oops?
[11-15] - It wasn't a breeze, and there's a huge monster in front of you now! Oddly, it seems to be offering you some cookies. Wow, such a nice monster.
[16-20] - After walking a ways you come back to the spot with the fuzzy dice. Roll for initiative
RNG to continue [1-2]

[1] - You finally meet the monster, who oddly enough seems to like feeding people cookies and playing with fuzzy dice (you have a suspicion they are loaded). You decide to hang out for a while.
[2] - A new adventurer finds themselves in a dark cave. They glance around and see before them four items...