Journey begins:
You awake, and sleepily walk down the stairs to find a shimmering red envelope mixed in with your other typical junk mail. You open the letter to find, an invitation to a birthday party for non other than DrakoKratze!! You squeal with glee, and begin to plan out your arrival to the party.

RNG to begin [1-15]

As you plan your arrival to Drako's party, the first thing to come to your mind is how to afford a gift! Oh dear, let's hope you had a good work week!

[1-5] - You showed up to work on time and tried to keep your social networking to a minimum. You will be able to get her something modest.
Pick a gift:
You have picked out the perfect gift in your price range. As a personal touch, you decide to use your artistic ability to draw her a dragon in a cat suit. Will it come out good? (rng 1-6)
[1-3] The brushstrokes, the colors! What a masterpiece! You really are an artist, she is sure to love it! (advance to next round)
[4-6] You must have been fibbing when you said you had artistic ability. Your three year old sister could have done better. You decide to mail her gift so that you don't have to face her. (lose option)

[6-10] - Luckily you've busted your butt at work this week and have quite a hefty paycheck! You should be able to get her anything you desire!
Pick a gift:
You have found the perfect gift! And with your large budget, it doesn't even seem unreasonable to spend 400 dollars on it. Now what color should you get it in? (rng 1-6)
[1-3] She said something about pink the other day, that must means she loves it! You frantically decide to get the item in that color, only to find out from your coworker Lin that it is her least favorite color! You're too ashamed of this mistake to face the party. You stay home and decide to get the right gift another day. (lose option)
[4-6] You have found a limited edition red version of the perfect item and wrap the gift up for the party. (advance to next round)

[11-15] - You and your co-worker Lin got into a horrible argument this week and things got physical. You lost your tempter and have been put on suspension without pay. You won't be able to afford any of the pricier gifts. You've got to get her gift out of the dollar store bin. Probably best if you just stay home. (lose option)

ALTERNATE: You and your co-worker Lin got into a horrible argument this week and things got physical. You decide it's best not to show up to the party with a black eye.

The party day has come, and you've set aside all your other plans (watching netflix and doing laundry) to make sure that you don't mess anything up. After a not so grand entrance you spot Drako from across the hall wearing a dashing red and black outfit.
RNG [1-25]

[1-5] - As you get close to drako, someone else swoops in and takes up all of her attention! You'll have to wait awkwardly while she finishes her conversation. Will you wait for her to finish or put your gift at the table and tell her about your time at the party later? (player decides and then either gets to roll again or gets a consolation prize)
[6-10] - You saunter over with beauty and grace, and hand over your gift. Drako grins at you and seems thrilled that you've come. Your grand entrance even got a few awed stares (you're sure to leave the party with a few numbers). Congrats! (grand prize)
[11-15] - You had some bad chinese before the party, and find it coming back up. You run to the bathroom only to find that you have ruined your perfect gift. Maybe you can try again next year. (lose option)
[16-20] - In your excitement you have tripped on an ornamental rug and fallen on your face. Stay still as you wait for paramedics. (lose option)
[21-25] - A giant dragon walks in front of you blocking your path! Who managed to find a dragon to give to drako is unknown, but they've definitely out-gifted you. Perhaps you will be top dog next year. (lose option)