So...yes. a list of events
1. Joined a day program.
2. Made some friends.
3. Moved yet again, but still go to day program.
4. Took up Tinkering as a hobby.
5. Found out that 10 of my family members have passed away this year alone.
6. Been playing a lot of games.
7. Had a bunch of family together for Christmas.
8. Acquired a hatred for barnyards, namely cornfields.
9. Might have not mentioned before, but my dog, Chico, passed away this year.
10. Got a bunch of puppies to try and fill the hole, Including Sugar, Penny, Honey and Tanner. Sugar and Penny are Teacup Chihuahas, Honey and Tanner are Pit Bulls. Tanner's fur is oddly soft, considering he likes to roll around in dirt and rocks and such.