The employees have been all relentlessly pleasant and useful, including the way more than-worked altering room woman, who handled several customers/rooms with admirable grace and aplomb. There are three places along State Hwy 1 which comprise the Tanger Outlet Mall...and the Hollister outlet is positioned in the "primary" Seaside place, near the intersection of Glade Farm Drive/Road with the Coastal Hwy.

Indiana: Michigan City Hollister Outlet Store: You'll uncover a well-known Hollister teen clothing outlet at the Lighthouse Location Premium Outlets, address 601 Wabash Street, Michigan City, IN 46360.

Why would you want to shop at a brand clothes shop that constantly makes the same seeking bullshit clothing by just slightly modifying the design and style or changing the color hollister clothing store with NO creativity at all and charging them greater since they are in "season".

There is a point in time when the individuals up in headquarters drink such hollister clothes heavy doses of their personal kool-help that they believe a notion retailer like this may possibly actually be a excellent notion, and then they commit so significantly money developing it out that they are committed and they will no doubt evangelize.

Maybe this location is "cool" if you happen to be 12 but it appears like if you've hit puberty your Hollister store days have passed (sucks if you like their clothes even though and want to attempt them hollister shorts on before you get).