Username: unlimited blades
Character Name: Mokrul Wildmore, Apostle Lord of Archaon the Everchosen
Age: 21
Personality: A warrior first to the gods of chaos and second to his legion and to his lord. However, this is most common to many of those who follow the way's of chaos and the gods bless their strength to their warriors. However, he follows a third rule and that is to try to never give sacrifices to the gods as long as he and those under him can gain the blessings of one of the four gods, he feels he accomplished something. Even though, he mush never stop moving, pillaging, and corrupting the land for the gods. The fourth is one the gods allowed him to keep, he can stop his forces to harm people if he is there, so he does try to keep whatever hope and light, no matter how much the darkness try to take from them.
Home World: (arrival)
Side: Neutrality (depends on who he wishes to help)
Bio: Mokrul was a child when his village was attacked by the warriors of chaos. He was trying to save what was left of his group of friends, but the lord of the chaos force stood in front of him. Laughed at his feudal attempt to help his friends, but he and one other tried to fight him just to find themselves to be grabbed by the neck and see their friends get slaughtered by his soldiers. He and his friend were taken in to learn their ways.

After some years has passed, the two are surviving serving their lord Archaon the Everchosen. However, the two still remember the fires started and the slaughter that happen in the village they now no longer remember the name to. So they spent their days serving their new lord by fighting other chaos worshippers, learning their ways from a sorcerer. But from Archaon himself, he learned about the gods of chaos and their names. Khorne, god of battle, martial honor, and blood. Nurgle, god of Filth, Pestilence, and Decay. Slaanesh, god/dess of pain, pleasure, and perfection. Tzeentch, god of knowledge, schemes, and magic. Knowing these things, he began to work his way up to become his own lord and have others follow him.

Years passed, he spilt blood, worked to gain knowledge, understood diseases, and spread pain to his all of his enemies no matter their age. Mokrul became a Lord, but he still was under the thumb of Archaon with his friend who tossed his name and became a Sorcerer of fire. The days they spent surviving just to stay as themselves became muffled from the screams they caused themselves just to stay alive as new men in control of the gods of chaos. But one day, Mokrul was called upon by the gods to head into a different dimension to spread the teaching of chaos and in return, stay as himself and those that follow him no matter what path he follows. So he took the chance the moment he heard it and jump into the gate created by the gods and ended up in a world ready to be conquered for chaos.
Abilities: The Call of Chaos: Due to his worship to the Gods of Chaos, he can call upon men to fight for him.

Encampment of Chaos: Because he was teleported to a new world to spread the influence of Chaos, he has to build structures for his camp to bring in more troops to be used in his army and to make a stronger hold on the world as well. (Starts off with Nomadic Camp and Tribal Relic)

Tactics of Chaos: Due to what he has learned and being sent to a new world, he can start planning tactics of his own to spread the powers of Chaos to their peak.

Can Cause Fear: This unit frightens all enemy units, reducing their leadership when nearby. It is also immune to fear. Fear penalties do not stack.

Can Cause Terror: This unit can cause terror, making its melee target rout for a short time. Units that cause terror are immune to terror and fear themselves.

Encourage: This unit provides a leadership bonus to nearby allies. Units within range of both the Lord's aura and an encouraging unit will receive the larger of the two bonuses.

Magic: None
Keyblade/Weapon: Blade of Chaos
Theme Song: Total War: Warhammer [OST] Warriors of Chaos Tension and Skirmish
Appearance/s: Chaos Lord
Other: All research takes gold as well as paying the troops daily so its important for him to make a lot of money for his army before he can begin both recruitment and research. 1 turn = 1/2 day

Technology time to research:
The Path of Ruination: 2,500 gold, 1 turn

Scrutiny of the Dark Gods - 5 turns
Skulls for the Skull Throne - 5 turns
Ritual of Corruption - 5 turns

The Lure of Dark Promises: 5,000 gold, 1 turn

Banner of Ruins - 10 turns
Duels to the Death - 10 turns
Calling of the Weak - 10 turns
Erection of Ruinous Monuments - 10 turns

Unholy Communion: 10,000 gold, 1 turn

Dark Standards - 15 turns
Aspiration for Greatness - 15 turns
A Thousand Twisted Blessings - 15 turns
Super Natural Prowess - 15 turns
Blood for the Blood God - 15 turns

Pledges to the Dark Gods: 20,000 gold, 1 turn

Pennants of Chaos - 20 turns
Gaze of the Dark Gods - 20 turns
Slaves to Darkness - 20 turns
Inscribed Chaos Armor - 20 turns
Infernal March - 20 turns

Daemonic Pact: 40,000 gold, 1 turn

Engines of Mass Destruction - 25 turns
Daemonic Armor - 25 turns
Favor of the Dark Gods - 25 turns
Ensorcelled Weapons - 25 turns
Herald of Doom - 25 turns

Level ups: Chaos Lord Stats Speed 35, Horde recruit 2 troops
Lvl 1: Nothing <starting>
Lvl 2: Eye of the Gods: Weapon Strength +7% (When Attacking)
Lvl 3: Route Marcher: Movement range +10%
Lvl 4: Thick Skinned Lvl 1: Armour +3
Lvl 5: Despoilers Lvl 1: Income from raiding +3%
Lvl 6: Hard to Hit Lvl 1: Melee Defense +2
Lvl 7: Serve or Die Lvl 1: Recruitment cost -3%
Lvl 8: Deadly Blade Lvl 1: Melee attack +2
Lvl 9: Tribes of Chaos Lvl 1: Horde Growth +1 (Skill level of troops)
Lvl 10: Thick-Skinned Lvl 2: Armour +8
Lvl 11: Despoilers Lvl2: Income from raiding +8%, Income form sacking cities +3%
Lvl 12: Serve or Die Lvl 2: Recruitment cost -8%
Lvl 13:Hard to Hit Lvl 2: Melee defense +5
Lvl 14: Deadly Blade Lvl 2: Melee attack +5
Lvl 15: Chaos Lord on Chaos Steed: Armor +10, Melee attack +20, Melee Defense +10, Charge Bonus - 10, Speed +45. Ability - Hide (Forest): Can hide in forests until enemies get too close.
Lvl 16: Ability: Foe-seeker
Lvl 17: Unholy Resilience: Recovery time from injuries shortened.
Lvl 18: Tribes of Chaos Lvl 2: Horde Growth +3
Lvl 19: Wound-Maker Lvl 1: Weapon Strength +3%
Lvl 20: Lightning Strike Lvl 1: Quick reaction with reinforcements.
Lvl 21: Scarren Veteran Lvl 1: HP +3%
Lvl 22: Indomitable Lvl 1: Leadership +2
Lvl 23: Gathering of Might Lvl 1: Horde Recruitment Capacity +1
Lvl 24: Serve or Die Lvl 3: Recruitment cost -15%
Lvl 25: Chaos lord on Barded Chaos Steed: Armor +30, Speed - 14
Lvl 26: Lightning Strike Lvl 2: Quick reaction with reinforcements, Reinforcements Get closer faster.
Lvl 27: Wound Maker Lvl 2: Weapon strength +8%
Lvl 28: Scarred Veteran Lvl 2: HP +8%
Lvl 29: Indomitable Lvl 2: Leadership +5
Lvl 30: Corruption: When camping, the spread of chaos goes farther then before.