What to anticipate: The First Time

Getting to grips with the game is pretty simple. The moment I have logged in, I used to be automatically submitted to the goal campaign, wherein a girl from your village required me to create a cannon that will remove my preliminary opponents. I also noticed that I was provided with a starter amount of spirit, gold and Clash of Clans gems that I used as I learn the basics of the game. After that, she offered me with instructions on building the necessary establishments that will helped me get by until I came up with a proper strategy for our village. I also realized that We didn’t have to worry about building them in the wrong places because I can always tap plus drag these buildings as soon as I had enough space to them. I was also taught means create an army that will help myself defend and attack some other villages. Training these soldiers cost me a specific amount of elixir, with the basic feet soldiers amounting to twenty five elixirs each. Once one particular had enough elixir or gold, I strongly encourage to consider upgrading buildings or even defenses to improve the defense, offense, storage and maximum amount of troops which will be created. There is a of Clash of Clans crack for Android you might want to check it out. One can also speed up the upgrades plus troop training by using these types of Clash of Clans gems as well.

Protecting Your Base and Assaulting Others

Have you ever heard of the game named “Tower Defense”? The game’s principle is a little bit like it, with very minimal modifications. The game will provide every new players a free “shield” that’s great for three days, during which no one should be able to attack your foundation. Use this three days to invest on enough defense and offense structures for forthcoming battles. You can take advantage of shields with different duration intervals for a couple of Clash of Clans gems and then. Always make it a point to not depart your base unprotected, else you will end up losing the yellow metal and elixirs that you’ve worked so hard for. Work with a technique that considers the particular No-spawn zones to maximize protection.

Attacking other bases is another aspect that I loved to participate on as well. I had to consider of how I was going to strike the other base very well because of my limited number of troops during the first few days. I found out that it is constantly advisable to mix different kinds of troops to ensure a better opportunity at winning battles. You can choose to attack other players or the mob in the marketing campaign mode, and I tried doing both. Attacking bases helped meget coins and elixirs too, and a rating of one to three stars were given after the battle, depending on how much havoc I caused.

Clash of Clans Currencies: Gold, Elixir and Gems

You can find three basic types of currencies in the game: gold, elixir and gems. These are those that are needed to help improve protection and troops. Tapping for the building that the player desires to upgrade will provide him the amount and type of currency that he needed. The Clash of Clans gems is the most sought of and the hardest to acquire for free one of the three currencies. I did several of the common ways to get Clash of Clans gems free of charge like cutting trees or removing rocks and trees and shrubs around the area, as well as finishing achievement tasks, but I am aware that there are other players over the internet that suggest other way to get more. As an overall, I have come to like the game so much and I am more than willing to continue playing it some more as I have not explored everything on it yet. I am not surprised that the game is still up and running after a year (or two) since it had a lot to provide. I hope that Supercell can continue to make more games like this in the future.