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This is what I am known as: Tatyana Fay Terawyn
There is this many candles on my cake: Eighteen
I belong this kingdom: Terawyn
This is what I use to defend myself: Steel Parasol
I have a special talent/ability and it is: Encyclopedic Knowledge
This is a bit more of what I am like: Tatyana is often compared to a porcelain doll. She is pretty, petite, and polite. But also much like a doll, Tatyana's face is always blank and emotionless. She often speaks in a monotone voice and hides her thoughts and feelings behind her mask of indifference. It is almost impossible to surprise or even startle her, and it's even harder to embarrass her. Due to her power, there is very little that Tatyana doesn't know. However there are a few exceptions, such as socialization skills, the ability to read other's emotions, and an utter lack of experience in most fields. While she may know everything about a subject, she could hardly put it into practice or perfect said skill. But despite this, she loves to learn knew things. She is naïve to many things but hides this behind her blunt nature and "inability" to feel. She can in fact get attached to people, though most don't notice until they see how she acts differently around them. She really does hope to make people happy, even if all she can do is spout useless facts. She never dares to think of finding what people call "love". It doesn't really exist after all...
I enjoy:
~Playing piano
~Learning new things

I can not stand:
~Getting something wrong
~Physical activity

Here is a brief history about me:Being the youngest born, not to mention a female, Tatyana was given everything she ever needed. In return, all that was expected of her was perfection. Which from a young age, her parents promptly received. She excelled in her lessons, all of them to be exact. There wasn't a single subject that Tatyana could not grasp instantly. She was great with strategy and battle tactics, she knew the detailed history of all four kingdoms, and she even showed knowledge of farming, hunting, and even surviving in the wild of their kingdom. She was a child prodigy. But there were two faults her parents couldn't overlook. The first being that no matter how much she knew about a subject, she still needed to train herself to fully master that art. Just because she knew everything about fighting didn't mean she could do it. In fact, Tatyana was horrible at any physical activity without proper time and training. Mind, she learned faster than anyone could dream, but she still had to learn the motions. The second fault is that she could never seem to show emotion. Despite her or her parents best efforts, Tatyana could not express her feelings. She simply kept a blank stare, one that frightened the other children and even the lesser royals. Because of this, Tatyana had no friends and rarely left the castle. In a sense, she was trapped there. Partially from her "scary face", but mostly because of her parent's embarrassment. But she was still their daughter, and they loved her. They just wanted to protect her from the world. Or maybe they just wanted to keep her out of sight. Either way, because of this isolation, Tatyana has little to no social skills other than the learned formalities of royalty. Her great mind was needed to help rule the kingdom after all, that much was certain. A gift like this couldn't be wasted.
I am to marry who?: *leaves blank*
And for an extra treat: Tatyana does in fact have boobs. She always has a book on her person, usually a work of fiction. She also has a great singing voice that she tends to hide behind her monotone speech.
This is who controls my strings: Salem Lucid Ester