The Best Review Blog - Without a doubt, one of the better ways to sell affiliate products is via a review site. After all, people come to the net trying to find information. They'll read your review, follow your advice, and purchase the product you're promoting. If they like that product, they'll be back for more! The only real question is how will you develop a really effective review site?

First, off, let's talk about the mechanics of the site. Should it be a simple web page? Alternatively, would a blog be better? Today the blog is absolutely the best choice, even though two years ago, I would have said go with the static page. Google loves blogs, and readers love blogs, too! Furthermore, blogs are almost a perfect fit for a review site in which you want pages that list the various items you're reviewing, and also pages for each item.

The complete the easy way create a blog review website is to purchase a domain address and download WordPress. Have no fear if you've never done this before. It's easy. I've created lots of blog sites and I'm certainly no code monkey. (I'm a writer and marketer! )

With WordPress you can create a static home page, or just let your posts be your home page. In any event will work. Now, all you have to do is to have a few competing products and write about them.

Let's say you would like to develop a site about acne products. Well, locate a few good acne products that are offered through affiliate sites like Commission Junction, or others, and write a review about each one. Also, you'll want to research acne and write a couple of articles nearly acne problems. What exactly is acne? How do you eliminate it? Do you know the best types of solutions?