What better traveler to ask than Rick Steves about his memorable moments on the road during the past year. In his December travel newsletter, Steves put together his top ten. Well, I've got some traveling to do, as I haven't experienced any of his highlights.

From the "old farm" we head to the next small North Dakota town I lived for the next 4 years, which was about 50 miles away. Along the way we make stops at some small cemeteries where many of my ancestors are buried. The most heartwretching stop we made was at a small cemetery near a country church where my mother breathed her last breath. She was attending the funeral of a relative when she sustained a massive heart attack and died. My husband and I were at her side when that happened. She was within a few miles of where she was born and raised when the good Lord called her to her permanent home.

Usain was at the right place in Knibb. The school had a reputation for channeling gifted athletes into national programs. Sprinter Michael Green was among the school's more illustrious grads.

Since 2002, Streep has hosted the annual event Poetry & the Creative Mind, a benefit in support of National Poetry Month and a program of the Academy of American Poets. Streep co-hosted the annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert with Liam Neeson in Oslo,, Norway in 2001.

President Barrack Obama, on the heels of being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, has learned today that other prestigious honors have, or will soon be, bestowed upon him.

The history of Norway is closely associated with the Viking ships, and the Viking Ship Museum allows you to share in the history. On display are three burial vessels that date from 800 to 900 AD. They are among the best-preserved Viking ships you can find anywhere in the world. The largest ship is called Oseburg, which is 65 feet long and the keel of this royal ship is in the shape of a dragon. You will also find a variety of implements, including ceremonial sleighs and household utensils.

To Buddha,only those who attained the natural purity of being good by a person who gave much, asked little, and go to a better place in peace. No stern commandments, no man at the gate, if he was truly of God, he would see it in our eyes, sparkling diamonds or lumps of coal. Alexander (356-323 B.C.E.) had been taught all this by Aristotle, (384-322 B.C.E.)would believed that pure and good, which he tried to be, would get him to heaven with Socrates and Aristotle.

Rajneesh preached liberation of the mind and body from the narrow bounds of society. In the west Christian thought brings an element of guilt if sex is indulged in outside marriage. Rajneesh did not see it that way and preached an approach that is closer to the Hindu tantra. That is the reason a lot many westerners flocked to his ashram as they were burdened with a guilt complex. Rajneesh was the outlet for them; a step towards bliss. For once the guilt complex goes out of your mind than life is much better.

Usain is not the first sprinter to use a long, lean body to propel him forward. What makes him different is that he moves his ample frame at a rate more suited to a much smaller runner. He takes a startling number of strides between the starting blocks and the finish line. He also has the ability to make up ground after a slow start, which is typical for a sprinter that tall.

Thus, God needed to prevent an Israeli-Palestinian treaty from being confirmed. And He did-with a brilliant, behind-the-scenes plan! He made the abandonment of that treaty path appear to be caused by gross and insane missteps by the Palestinian leadership. As a result, there will be no temptation to include the Palestinians in any kind of regional treaty, thus, removing the Palestinians completely from the prophetic picture. This brilliant plan by God aligns perfectly with end-times Bible prophecy.