Twitter allows individuals to learn what topics are popular in social media that is why it draws in numerous netizens everyday. Because of its great popularity, entrepreneurs are now utilizing this social network service to market their brand and obtain new costumers. Individuals can leave comments on tweets and even share it to their friends, which made the brand feel more obtainable. In order to acquire the most from Twitter, business people should be tactical.

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Lure Clients with Tweets

Tweets are more likely to entice prospects to patronize a product or service if they are interesting. Write clear and concise tweets, and be sure it only have a character count of 80 to 110. Approximately 17 percent more people would reply to short tweets. It is not a good idea to maximize the characters of a tweet. Most people hate retweeting lengthy posts because they still have to reedit it first. In order to draw many twitter users, be sure to put an appealing image or video. With it, the exposure a tweet gets will increase by 28 to 35 percent.

Tweeting about your personal life must be avoided particularly if your primary goal is to promote a product. These self-centered tweets send a negative impression to other users. Remember that in Twitter Marketing, what you are attempting to make popular is the products and services, not your personal life. Moreover, posting personal tweets are only helpful for celebrities. As pointed out in sites like tweets should be limited to four only in a day so people will be more interactive.

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Sharing Posts to People

Tweets can be improved in many different ways. For instance, making it a habit to post tweets when users are active on the site is a smart thing to do. It is between 8am to 7pm when it is best to post. As for businesses, they should put “retweet” on it on their posts so that other users will retweet it. But it's bad to do it in every post. Moreover, to improve visibility of the brand, adding hashtags can be of big help but placing over two in one tweet is not recommended as this will drop engagement rate by 17 percent.

Buy Followers

Many of the business owners are buying Twitter followers today for them to stay ahead in the business. If done appropriately, this will help boost their return of investment. Be meticulous in picking a company. is one of the sites that you should contemplate.

Twitter marketing can provide numerous advantages, but the trends are constantly changing so it is important that business people stay updated. If you like to keep posted with what is new in social media marketing, then simply go to It is necessary to keep in mind that the effectiveness of these methods can change over time. It is attributed to the changes in technology, which is happening quickly. A lot of business people have lost various opportunities because they are not able to keep up with the trends on social media marketing.