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Ghost Hunting Basics
Ghost hunting has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Should you decide to try ghost hunting for yourself, here are a ghost hunting basics to keep in mind.

Don't go alone.

Don't go into places that you don't have permission to be in.

If you do have permission to be there, always be respctful of the property. Leave it just as it was when you got there. (I know this shouldn't have to be said, but some people just don't http://www.wearable-gadgets.net/ seem to get it.)

When you go ghost hunting, there are some items and gadgets that are very helpful to have with you. Below is a short list of the basic neccessities any ghost hunter needs to take on an investigation and some tips on how to use them.

It's very important to have a flashlight or some other source of light- maybe candles or lanterns (just be careful not to burn the place down!). Most likely you'll be hunting in the dark and it's always wise to have a light source. You may be in a dark cemetery, old warehouse, abandoned building or some other dark place without electricity. For safety reasons, you need to be able to see where you're going.

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It's also a good idea to bring along extra batteries for your flashlight and other gadgets. Paranormal activity sometimes has a tendency to mysteriously drain batteries. You don't want to be left in the dark or without something to capture any paranormal evidence.

I recommend bringing a camera. I have used both 35 mm and digital cameras and have gotten some strange pictures with both. Pictures, whether digital or recorded on film can capture paranormal activity that is often invisible to the naked eye. This is especially true in the case of documenting the presence of orbs and ectoplasm.

Electromagenetic Field (EMF) Detectors are probably one of the most important gadgets to have if you are serious about doing an investigation. EMF detectors are used to locate and track energy sources. They detect fluctuations in electromagnetic fields and low strength moving EMF fields that have no source. A common theory is that spirits disrupt this field by causing higher than normal EMF readings. It's important to walk around the investigation area and take initial readings around energy sources like light poles, electrical outlets or appliances to get a general idea of what the normal readings are in the area. This is your base reading. That way you'll know if a reading higher that normal occurs during your investigation. Fluctuations of 2.0 to 7.0 above the base reading could indicate a spirit presence. Anything higher or lower is usually caused by a natural source. If you aren't able to get an EMF detector, a compass can be a useful instrument.When used on an investigation this will indicate spirit presence when the needle cannot come to a precise heading or spins/moves erratically.

Digital Video Camera - Unlike still cameras, a video camera can capture the acutal video and audio activity in its entirety. Thsi will give you a record of how long it lasted and the conditions as it was happening. It's helpful to have a tripod so you can set up the camera in one spot to try to capture anything out of the ordinary. A video camera with infrared capability can really help capture evidence, as the infrared can pick up things we can't see. Infrared night shot feature that enables you to video tape in complete darkness and see beyond what the human eye can see. You should also invest in an infrared light extender which will help your camera see in the darkest places and make the quality of the video better.

Digital Voice Recorder with External Microphone - These are used to capture Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). Although using a regular tape recorder is an option, I prefer a digital recorder becuse I don't want to bother with tapes. If you do choose the tape http://www.wearable-gadgets.net/ recorder, be sure to use high quality tapes. An external mic will help give you a better recording by eliminating http://www.wearable-gadgets.net/ the sounds of internal gears and turning wheels that can distort your recording. When using audio recorders be sure to state the location, time of investigation, and investigators names. Voice activation mode should be deactivated on tape recorders during use due to the fact that it usually cuts off beginnings of words, sentences, and phrases. This is not necessary with digital recorders and they actual seem to work better in voice activation mode.

Motion detectors can be used to sense the movement of unseen forces. Most of them have to be plugged in, but battery operated ones available. Be mindful of the placement, however, to prevent any false alarms.

A digital thermometer or thermal scanner can be used to detect rapid temperature changes. A change of ten degrees or more from the ambient temperature - similar to the base reading taken with the EMF detector - can indicate a paranormal presence. I recommend using the infrared non contact thermometers as they react in less than a second to a temperature drop and you can scan a large area quickly.

It's also important to make sure to keep some communication devices close at hand. Items like cell phones, hand held radios or walkie talkies can keep you in constant contact with the rest of your party. They are vital in the event of an emergency situation and can be used to report findings or gather the team to roatate positions. It's best to keep them away from digital recorders as they could interfere with your EVP recording.

This is just a brief overview of ghost hunting basics. For more in depth information on each gadget and more ghost hunting tips, check out GhostHuntingInfo.com.

By: Denise N

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com


Denise N is an author and webmaster of several sites and an avid fan of and particpant in ghost hunting.

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