Curve Vibrator - You've probably seen a regular vibrator, in the shape of a guys p***s, but exactly what is a butterfly vibrator? This purely female vibrator is one built to give women a great experience of pleasure, whether found in addition to sex or perhaps on it's own. Women all over the world are discovering the pleasures that sex toys, such as butterfly vibrators may bring.

Exactly what is a Butterfly Vibrator?

A butterfly vibrator is a vibrator that fits snugly to the vulva or the clitoris, without the penetration of the actual v****a. You secure it for your clitoris by straps that either go around the waist or maybe your legs.

The same shape as a butterfly, the vibrator moves the 'wings' up and down at various speeds to stimulate the clitoris in a amazing way. Just like any adult novelties in the marketplace, you can buy a number of butterfly vibrators, some with a jelly-like material, and others made of soft, moulded plastics. They also come in numerous colours, although pinks and purples will be the most popular models, then there is the one that features a array of speed choices for your ultimate pleasure.