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Name: Suzumi Skye
Age: Appears to be in her early 20's
Race: Half vampire, half shifter
Sexuality: Straight
Job: Gypsy tarot card reader, merchant

Bio: It was a dark night with leaves rustling in the wind. The house which was nestled deep in the forest creaked with the relentless onslaught from the wind. The house itself was old, the rustic furniture and victorian wallpaper a given sign of when it had been built. The house Had seen many generations come and go. This night would take another generation as a figure stood in the shadows staring up at a window where a shapeshifter woman and a vampire man could be seen talking.

One by one the lights in the house turned off till the building stood a dark black against it's surroundings. Still the figure waited, making sure the master and mistress of the house were quiet before even thinking of approaching. An hour he wanted as the wind made the branches dance around him. An hour he listened and watched till he was satisfied, then he closed in. There was a window unlocked on the first floor to which he entered the house from. Slowly and silently making his way up the stairs and to the room of the window he had been watching.

Finding the couple lying in bed, he knew the man would not be asleep since vampires don't sleep at night. He pulled out his dagger and stake, lunging for the man first he wasn't expecting the body to turn over and catch him in mid lunge. They struggled for a bit, startling the woman awake only for her to see the stake driven through her husband's chest. A scream pieced the room as the woman tried to scoot away only to fall off the bed. She scrambled to her feet and managed to make it to the doorway before the dagger caught her in the back. There was a thud as the woman's body hit the floor, she tried desperately to drag herself across the hall. Her efforts were stopped by the man's heavier body, his arms raised and fell several times as he stabbed her repeatedly until she lay on the verge of death, slowly bleeding out.

A small figure appeared in the doorway across the hall in time to see a shadow slipping out the window, he paused for a moment and looked back spotting the little girl before jumping. The little girl stood there for a moment in fear as the figure disappeared before she heard a struggled breath. She moved to her mother, dropping to her hands and knees in the pool of blood around the body. "Mommy!" she cried, reaching out to touch her mother. "Suzumi," the mother struggled to say with blood spurting out of her mouth. "Mommy... loves... you. Leave... in forest... Skye Clan... tell Lina Skye... sent..." more blood seemed to spurt out with each word as the woman used that last ounce of strength to speak. She probably could never say everything she wanted because the last bit of air left her as well as her life force.

The little girl, who went by the name of Suzumi it seemed, cried as she draped her body over her mother. The words played through her head as she lay there for what seemed like forever. She slowly pried herself away from her mother and peeked into the room to see only dust and a stake on the bed. There was nothing and no one there for her anymore. For a girl of five she was more intelligent and more understanding than her age. Suzumi left all her stuff save a locket with her parent's pictures, some clothes, and some food before she fled to the forest as instructed.

The deeper she traveled into the forest, the quieter and darker it became. It made Suzumi jump at every sound. She wasn't sure if she had gone the right way, maybe she went too far, or not far enough. Whatever the case she was starting to doubt as well as grow very tired. She had to stop and lie down, if only for a moment, so she found an empty hole that was hidden in some tree roots and there she curled up and slept. She was so unaware of the many pairs of eyes watching her in the darkness.

When Suzumi awoke she found a whole pack of what seemed like wolves outside the little den she had claimed the night before. She didn't have to ask, in her gut she could feel that they were the Skye Clan her mother had mentioned. Slowly she crawled out of the hole as the eyes watched her. Her clothes were crested with dried blood as were her hands, her hair was garnished with leaves that had stuck while she slept. One of the larger gray wolves approached her, giving a small bow of it's head. No words need be spoken for she smelled of Lina with all the blood that was on her. With the acceptance they turned and disappeared into the woods with Suzumi following them.

Suzumi was adopted by the clan, growing up in the safety of it. She came to have two brothers, The first brother was called Death, he was very cocky and arrogant. he always tried to show off with his abilities, always thinking he was stronger than everyone else and couldn't die. The second brother was Vash, he was very wise and patient. he understood Suzumi when no one else did, he tolerated her when she was immature, and he was always there to listen. Suzumi often trailed after Vash because she loved to be around him. her brother's weren't the only siblings she had. There was a sister though she can't quite recall her name for which she is sorry. It has been so very long since she has seen her sister though all she knows is that she still loves her sister dearly. Suzumi has two kids whom she also loves dearly. Her son Luke was always a shy boy, sticking close to Suzumi when he was little. Her daughter Pawz on the other hand had always been outgoing. Pawz was the one to always find herself in a pickle but Suzumi didn't mind because that just meant that she was needed when she had to save her child and or scold her for being too energetic or getting into trouble. No matter how her kids acted, Suzumi has always been proud to call them hers. Then there are all the other members of the clan. Some touched her heart like Liger, others grew to hate her like Shin. They were still a part of her Skye Clan Family.

Now that Suzumi has grown older and wiser she no longer feels the need to try to show off her abilities to others, she no longer tries to argue when wrong or pick fights. She sees how very immature she once was and is very thankful it opened her eyes. Sure she still practices magical arts but she would rather stick to the abilities she was born with. Yes, her past experiences may have left some scars. After all that is said and done she still has so many happy memories and is happy just being Suzumi.

Personality: Suzumi is quiet till she gets comfortable with people she doesn't know. She can be very empathetic with others. When she is hurt or sad she will try to act tough but when she gets away from everyone she will break down and cry. She has never been a girly girl, always wanting to hang out with the guys. You won't see her in a dress or a skirt very often, pants are always more comfortable to Suzumi. She will stay close to people who give her the most sense of security and is very modest about her appearance. She will say she is average because there has yet to be someone to prove to her that she is actually beautiful.

Friends: Those who are her friends have earned her trust and respect or have been in her life for a very long time. The word friend to Suzumi means so much more than just a person who she hangs out with. They are someone who's shoulder she can cry on, be there to comfort her when something goes wrong, laugh with, has her back, and who allows her to do all those things when they need it too.

Enemies: Those people who stab Suzumi in the back, disappear when something goes wrong or something happens they don't like, hurt her family or the ones she loves and cares about, and those of whom just don't like her for some reason. Suzumi has long since stopped trying to sugar coat things. If you get on her s**t list you will know.

Abilities: Being half vampire gives her the ability to be able to see at night. Her hearing is enhanced to an extent. Her reflexes are quicker than a human beings. Being half shapeshifter, well that is self explanatory. She is weakened while shifting if it's a complete shift and a little afterwards but will have the abilities of that which she has transformed into. She can also change certain features of her appearance say her nose or her hair color or hair style, her eyes or her lips, etc. She is also a gypsy earning some money from reading tarot cards, as well as a practiced pagan who sells aura cleansing bath herbs, protection charms or gems, and healing herbs or potions. She only does light magic now a days unless she absolutely has to do something to protect her family or loved ones. She believes that those who dabble in the dark arts will always have to pay the price be it a life, a soul, a loved one, or something precious.

Love: Some would say that Suzumi falls in love too easily, perhaps that is true. Maybe that is the reason why she has had her heart broken a number of times. Maybe her heart yearns for that person who understands her completely, who compliments her, who is into many of the same things she is be it sexual or non sexual. Whatever it is Suzumi has still yet to find it.


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