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Born to the name of Beatrice Freya Locke
Those close to me call me Bea (pronounced Bay)
I will soon be a wife
Orbits of the Worlds Twenty-two
Appearances can be deceiving Eighteen
I am of royal blood Princess of Twilight

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The blood of my world runs with power
Ghost - The ability to become intangible. Much like a ghost, Bea can float in this form, along with faze through solid objects, and become invisible (to various degrees). She can mask her presence and even become completely silent.
"If looks could KILL" - To be able to induce intense crippling pain with simple eye contact and concentration. It is of course is only in their mind, but that doesn't make it hurt any less. Don't let her sweet looks fool you. Beware her wrath.

I can't be perfect at everything
Ghost - Also much like a ghost, Bea cannot touch things when in this form, nor can she be touched. If left too long in this state, she begins to lose her memories of being a living being and starts to really think she is a "ghost".
Eye Contact - Needless to say, if Bea can't make eye contact with someone, she can't cause them pain. Those with strong wills or level heads can easily break her spell by looking away or even closing their eyes.
Naïve - Having been a sheltered only child, not to mention a princess, Bea doesn't know about how evil people can be. Sure, she reads a lot, so she knows the concept, but identifying such things are beyond her.
Weak - Bea is no good at fighting. She is small and rather frail. Since childhood, the girl has been forbidden from ever touching a weapon and to this day avoids doing so. She can be easily overpowered and hurt.

I practice in my spare time
Playing Piano - Every princess should know how to play an instrument!
Literary Arts - Being able to read and write is important for one of royalty.
Singing - Great at singing, bad at doing so in front of others. She's shy.
Dancing - What kind of princess can't dance? Grace and Elegance to a 'T'.
Sketching - Bea enjoys drawing and such. She's pretty good at it too.
Listening - She is easy to talk to and likes to help others when she can.
Hiding - If she doesn't want to be found, you will NEVER find her.
Agility - Bea is surprisingly fast. While she can't fight, she can dodge.

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The things I love Twilight skies, Sweets, Stuffed animals, Piano, Sitting in high places, Books of fiction, Candles, Frilly dresses, Most mammals, and Sleeping
The things I hate Bright lights, Spicy foods, loud noises, Being alone, Crowds, Being unwanted, Heat, Scary people, Fighting, and Being complimented

Who is the person without the royal blood?
A perfect little princess, Bea is a kind young woman. She is open minded, understanding, and accepting of people despite their faults or misconduct. She is almost always calm and collected and holds a grace about her the very few possess. Bea is never one to judge, and as such, regards people equally. Not one quick to anger, she puts up with a lot and holds back from scolding others, even if she knows they deserve it. It is on them how they act after all. She can't change people and thus it is none of her business. But despite this cool aura she gives off, Bea is really naïve and childish. She has no idea just how mean and greedy people can be. She is clueless on things most people should know. Such as love and normal social cues outside of formalities. But that doesn't mean she's stupid. In fact, Bea is quite bright. As stated before, Bea isn't normally one to get angry. In fact it hardly ever happens. But on the rare occasion that she does get upset, beware. She is not above punishing people when in this burning cold rage. There is also another side to Bea. She is rather scared of being alone. As in the idea of being unwanted or unneeded. She was made into this pretty princess, but if she's not useful, then what was the point? Why was she even born? It's almost like she'd lose her reason for existence. She'd become a ghost...

My youth
Beatrice Freya Locke is the only true child of Twilight. As in, she is the only child born from both the king AND queen. As such she was raised apart from any and all of her half brothers and sisters. She knows they exist, but was never given the chance to meet them. She was to be raised alone. Secluded from the rest of the world, to remain pure and proper. To be raised as the true princess of Twilight. So from the moment she was born, that weight was placed on her small shoulders. She began her lessons and training as soon as she could walk. They expected nothing but perfection from her and that's what they received. She was taught everything a princess needed to learn, given all she ever wanted, and loved unconditionally. It didn't bother Bea that her father had concubines. She never saw them, aside from during formal affairs. And even then, they were very nice to her. It didn't bother Bea that her mother gave all her love to her only daughter. She didn't mind having her fret over everything and push her ideals onto her. Bea didn't mind she was all but locked in the castle her whole life. No, she was happy. She didn't know anything else, and she was happy.

With the illusion of freedom surrounding her, Bea went about her daily life with a smile. She spent her days reading and studying happy as could be. But that got her parents thinking. Surely children had friends. But their pride kept them from letting Bea associate with normal people. So they did the only thing they could think of. They invited their closest ally, the Royals of Dawn, to allow their daughters to meet. And so Bea made her first friend. Since then, the two had become very close. Bea was brought to meetings where there were children of the other royals of Hora. And while she did make friends with most of them, none of them connected as much as Aurora did. Though, Bea is in fact on very good terms with the other princesses of Hora. She likes all of them and tends to act as a mediator when things go sour. Which started her political training at home. Another thing she excelled at. Anything less was inexcusable after all. When Bea was told she was to be married to the Prince of Autumn, she simply nodded her head and smiled. It was another thing expected of her, so she would do it gladly. This was her purpose after all, right? What good was she if she didn't do what she was born to do?

The song of my heart is Ghosts
The voice in my head Salem Lucid Ester