Long Quyen

Long Quyen is among the leading companies in the storage systems market. It is specialised inside design, manufacturing, sale and services of metal racking, automated warehouses along with other storage solutions. Long Quyen would be the ke chua hang company in. Vietnam. The top position with the company is based upon its use of the most advanced technology in the business, as well as on its extensive distribution network in Vietnam and Se Asia.

Long Quyen's manufactures and markets a large array of shelving, Racking and materials handling products.

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The company's core products include:
1. Pallet racking, shelving and integrated systems employed in logistics and warehousing and storage
2. Filing solutions including cabinets, shelving, lockers and mobile storage used in the commercial office sector.

Longquyen industrial business combines order fulfilment and distribution functions with materials handling equipment, for example shelving, and complicated software to make automated systems that increase speed, accuracy, security and flexibility. Our systems deliver the benefits associated with improved productivity and profitability a result of the smarter believing that retreats into their design.

Long Quyen's commercial business comes with a choice of manufactured and globally sourced products for every commercial and specialist storage application. These items are complemented using a array of services that will help our customers achieve solutions that supply the most beneficial mix off space utilisation, safety and cost.