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Noire Samhain's Journal
Halloween is Every day
On Necromancy

Necromancy is a branch of magic often heard of but rarely understood. It is known for very complex and power-taxing formulae that are disastrous to get wrong. The word necromancy comes from the Greek term nekromanteia which comes from nekros (dead body) and manteia (foresight/prophecy). It was created as a form of fortune-telling through the remains of the dead. Originally used as a form of ancestor worship, it eventually developed many branches and paths, which all revolve around the physical or spiritual remains of the dead. The most common form in modern times is physical necromancy, or the reanimation of dead corpses. Spirit necromancy, the other common path, is the manipulation of ghosts through contracts and seals. Ouija boards are often used in an attempt to perform spirit necromancy by laymen. However, most experts agree the boards are nothing but a board game surrounded by hype.
Despite the dark aspects of necromancy, it is very much legal if one is certified. However; there are several paths that are illegal. Anthropomancy is one of these. Anthropomancy involves still living human bodies in an attempt to divine the future or raise more powerful undead. The most common ritual involves slicing someone open to measure certain criteria before the victim's death. For obvious moral and legal reasons, this art is not widely practiced. The animal counter part Augury is banned as well.
All practitioners of necromancy tend to seek immortality or seek to revive a loved one.
Necromancers are the practitioners of this craft. It tends to attract a more scientific mind due its complex invocations, spell preparation, and complex formulae. Most necromancers revel in graveyards and are accepting of the creatures of decay. Rats, crows, and insects are common familiars. Many of those born with a knack for it seem to have a more sadistic side, however this is not always and is often not the case. Famous necromancers include Frankenstein, the first known creator of a successful Revenant, and Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Dead.

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