This is usually a number of surnames which once held Coats of Arms in the Russian Empire. The present list contains 2086 surnames of people individuals or families whose coats of arms were officially confirmed within the Russian Empire for your period since 1797 to 1888.

Background: In accordance with the St. Petersburg office of BLITZ, "the set of names which we've got reviewed a transliteration of the following publication for sale in the Russia National Library: Gorn, V.E. The index for the General Number of coats of arms of the All-Russian Empire pointed in the year 1797.

This index, published around 1888 has the surnames of persons and families which received a coat of arms included to 1 of 14 designated areas of the final Selection of coats of arms in the All-Russian Empire. All the The Big Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire that have been officially received by the individuals the Russian Empire were in particular listing. The primary 10 parts were published until the revolution of year 1917. They are available in the Russian National Library.

If your family had a Russian coat of arms that was included in one of them 10 parts, Blitz can research for the black-white image, description and also a brief more knowledge about the people who received it in one of such volumes. When we find the surname of one's ancestors from the index however it works out his or her coat of arms was built into parts 11-14, we are in the position to find this coat of arms in Fond 1411 (The Portion of Coat of Arms of your Heraldry Department from the Ruling Senate) of your Russian State Historic Archives."

The "General Collection..." contains a short information regarding them, a black-white image of the The Big Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire and its description.

To find out more: In the event you found the surname keep in mind in our list we (BLITZ) can supply you with the attached data with the "General Collection...", a reproduction of the article such as the picture on the family crest and produce the translation.