How To Produce Your Personal Blog Network For Below $47

Have you ever wondered how new websites shoot to the top of the search engine search positions within a couple of weeks of their creation? Or how more aged websites are seemingly revitalized out of the blue and do the same?

The answer is that they do so through backlinks. Any Internet guru can tell you that backlinks from a network of blogs and other social media properties are the absolute speediest way to rise to the top of any main search engine.

But you don't have to be an Internet guru to develop your own blog network.

Building your own network of 50 or 100 or even 200 blogs can be a tiresome and time consuming task however. And even worse, putting up the necessary articles, creating the necessary categories, spinning the articles, and adding the necessary plugins can make the task nearly Not possible - unless you've got a couple free weeks or months to dedicate to it.

One solution is to pay someone else to set up the network for you. This could cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars depending on whether or not you decide on to shop around.

Or you could join one of the many existing blog networks out there at an ongoing monthly cost of several hundred dollars per network, which could add up to thousands of dollars spent each and every month.

But there is a better solution that's fast and easy and it will cost you less than $47.

That solution is an amazing piece of desktop computer software called Wordpress Mass Blog Installer, Cloner & Manager.

As you know, setting up just one Wordpress blog requires at a minimum these 19 steps:

* Use your FTP client to login to your account

* Upload your WordPress files

* Login to cPanel and develop the mySql database and user account

* Upload your plugins

* Upload your themes

* Edit the WordPress wp-config.php file with your database information

* Run WordPress set up in your browser

* Login to WordPress admin area

* Activate each plugin one by one

* Select and activate your theme

* Delete the default post that comes with Wordpress

* Delete the very first page that comes with Wordpress

* Use your FTP client to modify the file permissions on .htaccess file

* Set up the WordPress permalink structure for maximum search engine recognition

* Modify the default category name

* Transform the default blogroll class name

* Delete and add blogroll links

* Replace the ping list

* Replace dozens of other Wordpress settings

If you're an expert at such matters, that alone can take you upwards of 20 minutes. That's if you don't use the Fantastico installer that comes with many cPanel accounts.

The Fantastico installer however rarely installs the latest version of Wordpress, and it builds several security issues that you have to compensate for right after it installs its single copy of Wordpress. Actually, it should come with a label that says, "use at your own risk."

Additionally, Fantastico won't upload or activate your plugins, upload or activate your themes, post or spin articles for you, automatically set up your classes, create or adjust your administrator settings, and it certainly won't install multiple copies of Wordpress across multiple domains or even within a single domain.

Fantastico is only good for one factor: installing one outdated blog with virtually no configuration options.

So what do you do if you don't want to spend hours and hours setting up your own network blog by blog?

You can use Wordpress Mass Blog Installer & Manager to do all the heavy lifting for you.

With the push of a button Wordpress Mass Blog Installer, Cloner & Manager will:

* Install the latest model of Wordpress - even if it just came out that day.

* Automatically generate and configure each mySql database (usually requires an expert to do)

* Produce multiple blog installations in one database if internet hosting under a single domain.

* Generate an unlimited number of blogs across multiple domains and multiple servers at the push of a button.

* Automatically configure your wp-config.php file with the correct options.

* Automatically adjust your .htaccess file information and security options.

* Automatically configure your administrator account adjusting factors like your permalink structure, ping back list, blog title, blog subtitle and many other options.

But it doesn't end with just putting in your blogs, you also have to have the necessary plugins, content, categories and even backlinks pointing to the product or service you're making an attempt to rank in the search engines for.

This is where Wordpress Mass Blog Installer, Cloner & Manager really shines. For example, you can:

* Clone a master blog structure to limitless blog installations across multiple domains.

* Generate and use your own customized file for those installations.

* Adjust and setup each blogs configuration information.

* Automatically spin and post up to 10 articles per blog as the blog is developed.

* Automatically create unlimited blog categories.

* Automatically build limitless external links using the blogroll links to link back to your money page or wherever you want.

* Automatically install and activate an unlimited number of plugins. (Most blogs should have at least 6 important SEO plugins and some blogs can have as many as 25 to 30 distinct plugins or more).

And the benefits of using Wordpress Mass Blog Installer, Cloner & Manager don't stop there:

* You can automatically upgrade blogs you've already generated saving you hours of updating time now and in the future as Wordpress announces new models.

* You can generate new articles from just one article using the content spinner.

* You can post limitless articles from your computer in one click having them publish right away, or develop a publishing schedule with specific dates and times, or even just add them as drafts.

* You can even generate Wordpress security keys for each blog installation.

* You can add multiple keywords and subcategories.

* You can customize each blog so it's as diverse from the other people you create as evening and day.

And each of your blogs can be customized to your standards before they are even produced - saving huge amounts of time and money. No need to pay someone to do all the work for you, with Wordpress Installer, Cloner and Manager you can do it all yourself at the click of a button from your home or office computer.

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Having your own blog network doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, or hours and hours of your time any more. With Wordpress Mass Blog Installer & Manager you can be building blogs and creating backlinks to the Internet properties you're promoting in a matter of minutes instead of days.

- WP Cloner