You know, my first name should be Lazy and my last name should be Cow.

Say you're enlightned by that remark. Please. Just to make me feel better.


Fine. Have it your bloody way then.

Today, the dickwad I've hated all year, and wanted to kill since the Indy 500, Marcos Ambrose, won the Championship. It's all sealed and over bar the shouting. And tommorow, there shall be plenty of shouting. Mostly from me. From the couch. Screaming at Garth Tander to remove his shirt in accordance with a semi-pledge (I call it semi because it was one of those one-sided promises) he made with us in the chat room the Wednesday after Indy.

And what a freaking Wednesday was that. But. My God. At the very end of the telecast today, they showed Garthy, with his back turned to the camera, talking to one of his engineer blokes in the pits, and he was scratching his back. And lifting his shirt ever so slightly, so we could see the belt holding up his (rather lovely) jeans around his (rather gorgeous) butt (I'm a perve, rather). And I was just waiting, WAIT-ING for him to rip off that damn shirt and give us what we bloody wanted.

But nothing. NUTTIN.

And then after that they cut to footage of Garthy and his engineer bloke laughing. I wonder if Garth told anyone...I bet he told Cam McConville :S Maybe that's why Garth fouled up his Shootout lap today. Because he was thinking of us. And not the lap.

And that would explain why he was cruising all over the road like a P plater.

Anyway. The point is. I'm actually not as bitter as I thought I would be about Marcos winning the Championship two years in a row. Because now I don't have to think much about it anymore.

Rickler did something speshly today. He was like, halfway down the grid in around 20th position or something. And he drove like a madman (which he is) and KRT pulled of their usual blinding 5 second pitstops and he wound up in 5th. Which is great. Ahead of that p***k Ingall too, which pleased me to no end. XD He'll do well tommorow providing he stays out of trouble.

Unlike his freaking brother. Taking out your teammate. Who also happens to be your boss. IdontthinksoTodd.

I went to Adelaide yesterday. Remind me to never go back there again.