Would you like to discover how to drop weight in four weeks by losing 1 pound each day? The answer is probably yes, and there are many ways for you to go about doing this, however the best reaction you can have is diet and exercise. Here's a 30 plan you'll be able to follow, and yes it could help you shed 30 pounds within 1 month.

Do Cardio Six Or A Week Each Week
After all, few people love doing cardio, but if you need to lose weight fast , then among the best ways to make it happen is as simple as doing cardio. Ideally, you should try and do 1 hour of cardio six days a week. If you are healthy enough, then you need to jog or run 72 hrs per week. It's also wise to walk 3 days per week. If you like to do this, then walk seven days each week. However, be sure to walk at the brisk pace. The periods you decide to do cardio on is entirely up to you. http://youtu.be/4YA_QPwrSbM

To reiterate the above, do 1 hour in the below every day:
.jog or run three days per week and walk 3 days per week.Stroll in a brisk pace 7 days each week folks who wants jog or run

Train With Weights 5-6 days Each Week
Along with doing cardio six or 1 week a week, you need to train parts of your muscles 5-6 days per week. Unlike your cardio workout, you will simply spend around twenty or so minutes training muscle tissue. If you opt to train with weights five days each week, then target one group of muscles per day. If you choose to train six days a week, then train all of your upper-body in two days, then train your lower body about the third day. You could then make this happen again. Below are two example workouts you can do.

5 Day Exercise Routine With Weights
.Day 1: Train your chest .Day 2: Train shoulders and traps.Day 3: Train back.Day 4: Train arms .Day 5: Train legs

6 Day Fitness Regimen
.First Day: Train chest, shoulders and shoulder.Day time 2: Train arms and traps.Day 3: Train legs and lower back.Day 4: Train chest, shoulders and upper back.Evening 5: Train arms and traps.Day 6: Train legs and lower back

Regardless of the number of days you train, you will need to train your abs each day you train. Also, the exercises you choose to do is entirely up to you, but try your very best self to do a total of 10-12 sets per body-part you train (for instance, 10-12 sets for biceps and 10-12 sets for triceps). How much weight you'll use can be your decision, but make an effort to do at least 8 reps per exercise.

Diet Program
As for what you need to be eating, just stay away from processed foods and consume foods you know are ideal for you, for example veggies, foods loaded with protein and occasional in fat etc. You should not diet, as eating with commonsense and exercise will help you shed the weight.

Keep to the above plan and you will be on your way to losing 30 pounds in 30 days.