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Floyd Mayweather Jr. sensed the bones in his cheeks crunched for the wicked hook; his shoulder roll was ineffective, the shoulders already sagged in pain. His opponent was hitting him anywhere that's exposed. His shoulders were his defense shell plus it had received countless agonizing blows, besides feather taps, but quality artillery shocks. Several rounds back, there were a searing ache inside left board which he suspected was brought on by that shoulder shaken loose looking at the socket. The right phalanx gonna give, utilizing the bombardment of rapid thrashings. He swore that this numbness that intermittently emerge felt good. Yet once the throbbing climbed again, it was hell. His battered eyes flinched having a look towards the opponent that was standing, practically begging in surrender -- the rival's face almost unblemished from his unimposing battery. It was a nightmare needing to see his countenance prior to you - exclusively! - for three minutes of the round!

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