nicki minaj nose job - If you're wondering why cosmetic surgery is called "plastic surgery," you are not alone. It is a rather interesting good name for the medical procedure that assists people defy the effects of aging. First, of all, the word "plastic" comes from the Greek word "plastikos." This means to mold or shape, which is precisely what plastic surgery does. By eliminating imperfections, it reshapes the face.

Surprisingly, cosmetic surgery goes back centuries. Skin grafts were utilized through the ancient Indians to reconstruct a part of the body. The Romans used cosmetic plastic surgery to fix the damaged ears of their soldiers. Basically, the surgical treatment was inspired by war. Soldiers would become disfigured and plastic surgery was used to try to make them as normal as possible. Plastic surgery became especially popular during World War I. Doctors from various countries including New and Canada Zealand were known to perform these procedures. The Canadian doctor well known for plastic cosmetic surgery procedures is Dr. E. Fulton Risdon, who continued to train plastic surgery after helping soldiers during World War I. A doctor from New Zealand was Doctor Sir Harold Gillies. Have been considered fathers of plastic cosmetic surgery. It was Sir Gillie's cousin, Archibald McIndoe who had been a cosmetic surgery pioneer in World War II as he started treating RAF air crews.