Alright, I will be the first to admit that I have not made the most out of my college experience.

I can say that I am blessed not to have to hold a job in college and, currently...not so blessed, that I am not doing any research or internships.

BUT it seems that others in my relatively same situation... are somehow really tired and complaining about college and how early classes are so early... (most classes start at 8:30a but there is one at 7:25a in the morning) but I don't mind these classes. To be honest, it feels like I am one of the few who would rather have morning classes instead of afternoon.

Why? Because then I have so much time during the day to do other things instead of sleeping in and then waiting on a class before I have time to do other things. Though, I may not sleep in, I would still take up early to do work but it is still waiting on a class, which I do not enjoy.

It is probably a big reason, but I also feel as though I spend more of my daylight hours studying and getting my work done. I also do not take naps during the day because I get enough rest at night. To be honest, this is less stressful for me, because even currently, I have finished my work for the next two weeks, I just need to keep up with my daily reading materials, which I am doing.

In the past, I could be tired, because last year, I had an internship with the FDOT where I would be gone Monday and Wednesday from 6a-6p and then I would have classes Tuesday and Thursday frmo 8:30a-6:00p and I would have to drive 1.5 hours Thursday evening back home so I could wake up early and work frmo 10a-4p on Friday at Kumon. There would be times where I would have to drive back to school on Friday or Saturday if my parents were coming down. Yeah, that was a lot, but I still managed to get through it complaining less than other people.

My classes are harder this semester, I only have 13 credit hours but it is still a lot of work. I have studied this semester way more than I have any other semester, as in I go home, get a snack and get to work till around 8-9p.

Yet there is someone in particular in my mind who complains about morning classes and they do not have classes that are as intense as mine and when I said something about morning classes are better because you have more time in the afternoon to do other things... and she responded, like sleep. .-. I know there are studies out there about efficient sleeping but I do not think this applies. I know you give and take, and the only other difference I see, aside from out different classes, is that I have to study a lot lot more than she does and she watches more tv/movies than I do... also play on the internet more than I do

I don't know... it's just annoying because she makes me feel as though it is a common thing for college students to always be tired and take a bunch of naps but I feel differently and I feel like such a minority or rarity and I don't understand it... idk, I guess because I don't want to fall behind on my work, but even then, I drive 3 hours most weekends and I work 4-6 hours .-.

Also, I am secretary of the Wetlands Club. Yeah, it is a thing that secretaries don't do too much but it does take time (3-4 hours) to create flyers and then pass them out... as in I have to take more time out of my day to walk to random populated areas (areas I don't really even have classes in) to distribute this stuff...

Bleh, I need to just get over it and do what I do xD