Gunmar and Sarine
I head out of the fort and the canyon its hidden towards the reach for my first recruit the breton girl,funny all my life could be say that I been after the right Breton girl or girl.

But back to the mission, After dealing with the usual skyrim dangers I made it to Ivarstead on my way to the reach. Its late now, night time and the vampires may be stronger in numbers at night, and Im only wearing a dawnguard helmet, plus Im tired better rest and continue my search for those 2 in the morning, So I buy a room and spend the night in the inn of Ivarstead, drinking and listening to song and sleeping, around 9am I head out.

Just my luck I find a man that fits the description of Gunmar in the outskirt of Ivarstead,
He told me to be careful there is a vicious bear around, he has no clue who I am or why Im here. He is concern about the bear taking another victim at first. Then I mention Isran wanting his help, he seems to not want anything to do with this, saying that Isran made it clear he doesnt need anyone`s help, this all change when I mention were up against vampires. He said he may consider it but he cant let the bear run loose, So I decided to help him we move in closer to where I see the bear, we go agianst him, an Ice form Thu um to end this quick, but then he tells me this was not the bear and heads into the cave he came out of and so I follow, inside the welcoming of 3 bears comes to us, one of them bigger than the others Its a battle that we came out victorious, He thanks me, he wasnt sure how he will of come out of this with only himself agianst those 3 bears, so the least he can do is go talk to Isran, He knows of Dawnguard fort, and tells me that he knows cuase Isran would not let anyone in his little fortress, and has been working on it for years. Strange the place still needs alot of work.

Well thats one down time to keep going towards the reach.