Back to the Fort
I made it back to the fort Dawnguard as I walk up the canyon I see a shadow, I pay no mind as I continue up, a moment later I hear sounds of a struggle, Vampires attacking us. They were dispose of easily, our numbers and skill were too much for them. our numbers had grown since last I was here, there is now a woman here too, dressed in all dawnguard armor. I dont know much about her, but in time i will.
For now I walk up ahead to go talk to Isran. he discusses the attack, he knew it would happen since were openly recruiting, this would get their attention, but now we need to work on stepping up our security and defenses. I Then give my report of what happen he seem angry at me for not having a more direct approach at the whole thing, but then again he seem to let it go soon after, I was lucky to come out alive or not turn into one of them. Thats true enough, he also know that the vampires with this woman and the elder scroll things are going to be abit over their heads. So he needs help.

He tells me that my new mission is to go out and recruit 2 new members to the dawnguard, people he had work with before. he wants only 2 to keep this thing small, contain and avoid attention to ourselves, avoid another vampire attack.
The first he mentions is Sarine Jurard a Brenton girl with smart for tinkering with weapons and a attraction to Dwarven things, seems I ll find her in the reach looking at the biggest Dwarven ruin she has ever seen. She also may need some persuasion to joins us but she will do it.

The other one is Gunmar a Nord brute and a beast tamer, I think he said he is also a troll expert or is what I gather from what he tells me, So that's it, that's my new mission. I go up to the fort looking for anything useful, I met with the farm guy who join at the same time as me I think his name was
well the farm boy is got more Dawnguar armor thant I do, All I have thou very very effective is this enchanted elven armor that raises my light armor power and dawnguard boots and helmet as well as the enchanted items the gloves of dawnguard and my war axe,

I gather more bolts and provitions and I head out to recruit, my new mission for the Dawnguard.