User ImageUser ImageSpecies: Kitsune, a race of anthromorphic foxes who have a singular human form that can shift to, who by all accounts look human save their vulpine-like eyes.
From: My current DnD session, Pathfinder technically. She's playing in Rise of the Runelords if anyone cares to know.
Currently: She has died once so far, beheaded by a Giant Skull Scorpion or something like that. Terrified of people kicking down doors, because bad things happen when people kick down doors. Possibly knocked up with a demon child spawn of Lamashtu- AKA the mother of all monsters. Also picked up a sentient bow by the name of Shiitan, a creepy little s**t that constantly refers to her as 'New Friend'. She helped kill the guy who she'd been knocking boots with, who had been gradually turning evil as the Champion of Lamashtu, and feels incredibly guilty about it because she can't separate who he became from who he had been.
Already Happened: Confused the entire party with her gender, introduced herself as Renn and they all assumed she was a he, and this is a game she'd been playing for years before hand, so she just went with it. They met it Sandpoint, a small town where she'd run out of money from traveling while trying to make up for a grave crime she'd committed on accident years previously, killing the Mayor's son of her home village. That guilt is with her always, though she doesn't always show it. She fled her home that night out of fear, changed her name and started pretending she was human for good measure.