what can we expect by this years nike jordan eleven release?

Sneakerheads understand or know that christmas brings us much more than time with the family. The season is one of the busiest times for releases. One particular release most of us await is The air jordan Brand's launch of an Air Jordan 11. Creating some what of an custom, Jordan brand has had people speaking about what's coming in December well before the real launch.
This season gets us the Air Jordans 11 "Legend Blue." The sneaker it comes with a similiar build to the Air Jordan 11 "Columbia," but includes predominatly white upper that features patent leather with acccents of legend blue all throughout. Set reach retail stores December 20th, let us know what you think of this Jordan 11 "Legend Blue."
One of the things that has helped to make the yearly Air Jordan 11s so special is the usage of the slide-out box. It's back again for this year's Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue" (You may still call them "Columbia" if you wish to). Columbias surely haven't been out in over a decade, plus the fact that the vast majority of earlier pairs are pretty yellow at this point is bound to help out their sought after nature with the 2014 release. Find out how the footwear are shaping up with us by looking in on the "Legend Blue" Nike air jordans below.
This year's Nike jordan 11 "Legend Blue" will indeed align with prior Holiday Air Jordan 11s in relation to packaging. As you can see, the tennis shoes have the slide out box treatment that's has already been a staple of Nike jordans XIs quite some time at present. Can this new factor help out your buying decision, or were they already a must? Tell us nike air jordan release dates You might also go visit our Air Jordans online