If you are planning to have a website designed for your business, there are a couple of things you need to know about what makes a quality webpage. Below is a list of five characteristics that make a website irresistible.

Eye-catching Imagery

The old saying goes “don’t judge a book by its cover.” However, we all know that people will inevitably do this. When considering web design in Orlando, you may like to use some vibrant colors or images, or images that capture what you, and your business offers. People naturally go by what they see first, so use imagery that best captures what you do.

Easy Navigation

Consumers also want a straightforward, easy-to-browse site. If they get too frustrated with trying to find what they are looking for, patrons will simply leave the site. It is annoying, so make everything on your site as clear, and easy to find as possible. Seeking out the help of a website design cost can help you if you are unsure how to do this.

Services Offered

On your site, make sure to include a paragraph, list, or tabs of the services you offer. This can also include links to previous work depending on your field, your experience and how long you have been in the field, and so on. Clickable tabs can enable visitors to click the service they need and see how you can help them with it. This will help to quickly give the consumer the information that they need most.

Contact Information

Somewhere on your webpage, whether at the bottom, or under a different tab, the contact information of your business should be included. This includes address, phone number, and hours of availability, so that the consumer knows when and where he can see you. The phone number shows that you are open to questions from the consumer should they arise. This information allows the consumer to call you for additional information, and come in and meet with you if they are interested.

Mission Statement

Including a mission statement would be the perfect finishing touch for your website. Though it may seem trivial, it encourages your consumers by informing them of the goals of your business. Consumers like to know that you are working toward success. A website design services Orlando will have the industry knowledge that it takes to make your site a success.

Quite a bit goes into constructing a successful website. You need to first attract, then inform the consumer as much as possible. Once you have their attention, you reel them in by putting your services and past experience on display, and available to assist them. A website design company Orlando can make sure your website does all of these things.