The Promise

I shant forget the promise you made,
Those oh so many years ago.
"I will find you again, My Love."
You whispered in hushed tones so low.
"For you are my light,
My pathway to the Heavens above."
Those sweet sweet words made my soul soar
On the glorious wings of a dove.
Nay, I shant forget the promise you made,
As we sat under the moonlit sky.
The promise you made me,
No matter how much time passed us by.
You kept that promise,
And have found me once more.
Nothing has changed,
Your love still warms me to the core.
When your arms are around me,
I feel so safe and secure.
Like the pouches of nectar carried by the Honey Bee.
Nothing can harm us,
Nay, not a thing can leave a trace.
The Gods shake with rage, spit, and cuss.
Our love is a force to be acknowledged,
One that of the old ways.
Yet, none seem to possess what is needed,
That deep seeded knowledge.
The promise upheld,
We laugh and dance.
Our hearts and our souls, together will meld.
And even though it is all said and done,
I shant ever forget the promise,
That you made to me, instead of another one.

*By the Goddess, I am rusty. Need to write more poetry. Damn. This one came off the top of my head, but I ended up needing help by the end. Damn, that's a lot harder than I remember. I used to be able to write this kind of crap with such ease. Although, back in those days, most of my poetry was about death and darkness. I was in a bad place back then. It seems easier to write short stories these days. -sigh- Geez... I will have to practice more, I guess.