"Think The ALS Ice Challenge is Stupid? You're Wrong." < Pathetic Forbes headline.

This thing has further proved my point that everyone who donates something still thinks they're the best f*cks in the world. For starters, if you actually advocated for a system that doesn't have to require your bullsh*t charities as you continue to defend all the wrong people like Christfags on a daily basis, maybe your charity wouldn't have to exist because, you know, you actually properly funded them in the first place instead of your f*cking corporate subsidies?

Here's how these, "All my actions are excused because of my community service" f*ck-jobs operate: "He couldn't have raped that kid. He was a valuable member of our community and donated to numerous child-oriented organizations. What have you ever done?"

Typical bullsh*t rhetoric against anyone against the current "Ice bucket" sh*t goes like this: "Who cares if it's stupid? It raised millions of dollars for research. Did you donate anything?"

Here are some examples of why I hate this practice:
1. The KKK and Stormfront's general excuse for their White Supremacist bullsh*t goes like this: "We shouldn't attack these people. If we helped around town, we could help show them the right way."
2. The Christians do this non-f*cking stop as they continue to justify their anti-fag protests.
3. Actually, every mother f*cker does this to shape their new-found self-righteousness as they continue to manipulate people into thinking they're always right because of the handouts they give to peeps.

See, you get a bunch of morons inflicting a form of self-harm by freezing themselves with ice water. It's justified, because they did charity. See, you get a bunch of morons whose every f*cking action becomes less stupid and thoroughly awesome because of their "community service" and their donations. In the case of many rapists, they use their church services and other "community activities" as literal "get out of jail free" cards. "He couldn't have possibly killed anyone; he donated millions to ___ and has been a respectable member of our community for decades."

After this is done, everyone feels sorry for the halfwits. It's like, if I donated $3,000 to whatever-the-f*ck, I could do whatever the f*ck I want, and everyone will defend me like, "Yay; yer so totally arseome! I wanna be just like you!" Then, after I punch myself in the face 30 times, it'll be okay, cuz I did it fer charity. If I beat up a Christfag, it'll be okay, cuz I was a respectable member of the community who couldn't possibly do such a thing and was such a valuable commodity to teh werld of donationfags.

P.S. Stop giving people handouts. I thought you didn't like doing that?

As is always the message from worker drones, "My ability to do X validates my thoughts on Y."