One associated with the largest challenges powering Google's modular Project Ara telephone platform may be getting processors to experience nicely using the technology. How can you let somebody swap out the particular extremely coronary heart regarding their own device as easily because they would any memory card? Simply By developing a CPU for that really purpose, that's how. Rockchip has started work on the system-on-chip along with modular tech built-in; the telephone won't need any bridge chips or any kind of other special tricks to let a person change processors on the whim. An Individual won't see the hardware in action until a Rockchip-based Ara prototype arrives within early 2015. However, the actual plans demonstrate that Google's vision of your completely upgradable handset is actually both feasible and potentially inexpensive. Don't be surprised if a number of the earliest Ara phones (or rather, his or her parts) simply in shape inside your own budget.