i did this poem and painting for my boyfriend whom i love dearly.
he inspires me to be great everyday

The Halfmoon.
acrylic and ink on canvas.

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The Halfmoon, By Lorenzo Hall(rough draft)

The halfmoon light creeps and crawls in through my window
illuminating all that curls and huddles around me in the dark.
And all that isn't shade is laid bare.
The soft light touches my chest in the absence of the lover
as it lifts and lowers with each breath.
Each exhale sounding incomplete without its softer echo in tow.
My, The light how pretty it glitters and glows upon the silk and bare skin,
it touches all the hardwood and the metals and glass
that reflect the halfmoons face so clearly in the night.
As hours wane the halfmoon's gaze tiptoes quietly upward socks and upward spine until her skyset eye lingers into my own.

Awake, unwavering in the halmoon´s kiss.

Though i am beset in white light and all the silver shimmers into my mirrored walls and back an forth all around i am anything but alighted in the cold.
My hands reach but clasp nothing.
My eyes locked on empty pillows.
My whispers to crickets and passing cars.

Only the halfmoon feels me, only the halfmoon sees what i see, only the halfmoon hears me, only the halfmoon understands. Alone wrapped in the black star studded quilt that engulfs us. The halfmoon and i await our light to be full once again.