When I was younger I thought it was pronounced go-diva, but then I watched an episode of. . .uh, what was it called again? Oh yeah! Charmed. Anyways, it was the episode where Lady Godiva had somehow time traveled into their time, I don't know. I only remember that she protested against the high taxes on her people/in her town by riding a horse naked. Back to the point, in the episode the sister who is in the journalism industry pronounced her name as Lady go-dive-uh. And I think it was the sister who has Leo as her husband who said that she was the one who had chocolates named after her. Either her or the journalism sister. The only name I can really remember is Pru's. Oh wait! The wife of Leo is named Piper. . .I think.
So why did I mention this? Because I did a chocolate haul from Godiva and now I am set for the next month or so on chocolaty goodness. yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi