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Affected by economic factors such as income level, and consumption concept, the international hair extensions consumer market has following characteristics: higher-price hair extensions are prominent in European and American market while African market gives priority to lower-price chemical fiber hair extensions. In China, hair extensions are still at the initial stage and have not yet formed the consumption prospect. Domestic consumers choose to wear hair extensions mainly in purpose to compensate for physical defects. Development of hair extensions will be subject to consumption concept, economic growth, etc in domestic market.

Consumption groups are mainly black consumer groups, white consumer groups and other consumer groups, etc.

The white people tend to choose the best human hair weave with different levels mainly according to their clothes. What's more, many usually have several headdress boasting different styles and different colors to adapt to the needs of different occasions.The whites have a strong consumption ability and many of them are mainly from developed countries in European and America. The habit of wearing natural hair weave is mainly influenced by tradition.

Other consumer groups include people in pursuit of fashion, people coming from special industry, people with physiological defects and hairdressing schools, etc.