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Is Becoming Healthy A Journey or Destination?
The way people are eating this day it seems that to be healthy is left on the sidelines. While eating foods that satisfy our cravings we sacrifice the chance at a healthy lifestyle. Can we have both good tasting food and healthy food all rolled into one very beneficial diet? Let's have a look at how this is not only possible, but for most of us a way to a longer happier life.

Health is a vehicle, not a destination. Excellent health is more than just feeling good. Most of us have found that trying to lose weight and become healthier is just something to achieve. Good physical health is an important goal, but if you simply stop there, you will miss out on so much more. Robust health allows us to be active in the world and achieve more than we can when we are tired or sick.

You may ask yourself, "Why should I be healthy?" What would I do with my life if I became healthy? How would I use this gift to enhance my life and the lives of those around me? What would happen if I experience high-level wellness most of the time? Just imagine what your life would be like if strength, flexibility, endurance and clear thinking were part of your everyday life. The sad truth is most people are missing this level of health in their lives. People with a lower than optimum level of health eat the standard American diet by eating out most of the time and by grazing on packaged snack foods throughout the day. These same people deal with different health concerns, such as allergies, headaches, constipation, sugar crashes and low energy as recurring parts of their lives. Their concern is about keeping up, fitting in and looking good.

Switching to a natural-foods diet and lifestyle opens up an entirely new and wonderful world of possibilities. You start to think and feel quite differently than before. As your daily diet changes, your blood quality also changes. You will slowly notice that you don't fit in like you used to. You begin to see the world from a different perspective than those who are eating fast foods and junk foods. You may notice your mind is clearer; you are calmer and more aware of your surroundings. You have just discovered a new world where you are one of the new and improved inhabitants. You begin to notice how differently you feel from others on the outside. As this trend develops, you may look around, scratch your head and wonder, why me? Why am I so unusual? What has made me feel so unlike my brothers and sisters, old friends, parents and neighbours?

Each of us is born into this world with a different plan. As we get older, we continually make choices that make us who we are and keep us on track with our destinies. For me, the path is focused on personal growth, development, which has led me to a curiosity about food, diet and lifestyle. In my experience, natural-food eaters tend to be smarter, clearer and more in touch with themselves and the natural rhythms of life than people who eat junk food. Trying to fit in has little value. It is no use pretending that you are like everyone else; you might as well take a deep breath, be authentic and be yourself. As a health-conscious person, you have added potential to step out and create change in the world.

Your first step is to move away from a fitting-in mentality. You will have less strength to focus on more important aspects of yourself and your life if you expend large amounts of energy and intelligence to just fit in. You may even create health problems for yourself if you are not being openly expressive. You have an opportunity to see the world in a different light. Be a beacon for others by starting today on the natural food path to greater health and happiness.

Create an authentic self-expression! As your diet and lifestyle improve, you will feel a greater sense of balance, and through this process become more fully present. Your awareness of your environment will change. You will notice your breath more fully, feel the breeze on your face and really listen to what other people are saying. You will be more fresh and alert to new situations with access to a wider choice of behaviours and any given moment. This consciousness makes you more likely to steer away from foods and people that are detrimental to your health.

Each of us has a personality that is not fixed or rigid. When we slow down and understand ourselves, the more flexible and present we become. Having an authentic self-expression means being the person we truly are at this point in time. Too often we see people live life based on events that happened a long time ago. Their lives are shaped as a result of a difficult relationship with a parent or a humiliating situation in school. Any of these and many other events are a challenge if we are to create a better and happier existence. Some people worry about a future situation and become blinded to the beauty of the present moment. The reality is the past is over and the future never arrives. All you truly have is the present. Take this moment as a gift, yours to treasure every moment of every day, in every way. All that has happened in your childhood is over; time to move forward. Today, you are an adult who has a wonderful life. Let go of the past, forgive it, forget it and realize that whatever happened was meant to happen. It is exactly those events that have made you who you are today.

Realize your goal; whether it is to have more energy, heal a health concern or just to be the best version of your true self each day. Live each moment and enjoy the journey. Being healthy is about moving beyond a limited philosophy of nutrition and creating your own larger vision for your health and happiness. If you adopt a well-balanced diet and lifestyle and avoid junk foods I believe you will develop a higher degree of creativity, flexibility and aliveness!

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