"Hey, let's go here!" Echo said gleefully to her two cohorts that were trailing slightly behind and beside her. "It's dark and creepy!" The wisp of a touch, slightly rough with a knuckle, touched the inside of her palm.
"Like that's totally not me all the time," the silver haired girl said slightly behind Echo.
"Sorry, Netami," Echo winced, looking over to Dante who only shook his head back at her, his dark bangs falling into his cornflower blue eyes.
Echo placed her hand out behind her, indicating for Netami to stop immediately as the girl brushed her slender fingers into the appendage to determine where she was and was going. It was a silent pack between the two. Echo helping the blind girl around while receiving her delectable company. Symbiosis at its finest. Dante, on the other hand, simply had no one else to hang around, and he didn't /not/ like the two girls standing beside him. Though this line was certainly going to kill him.
"Ugth," he grunted, "I'd spill my guts out to get to the front of this line!"
"It's a haunted attraction, isn't it?" Netami whispered. Indicating Dante she had a ghost of a smile on her lips. "That's going to happen to you if you're not careful."
Dante stuck out his tongue, "Muhhh," and was not all surprised when his friend stuck hers out, her silver bangs falling from their perfect angle on her forehead into her eyes.
"Now now, children," Echo responded, laughing as she pushed Netami's bangs back into their position. Not that it would hinder the girl's eye sight. "I think I see someone we know up there. We could totally score a few spots!"