As she looked at the paper surprised , and then picking it up slowly, sad she read...

Dearest heart .....Find Dr. Kouse and Dig Site sad ...then it is unreadable for a few words confused ....then....Find ...Sage...Perhaps Cure.....Me... sad

Love.....You.. heart

Then it ends, as the last word jumbles into un-readable scribbles. emo

Tearing up, emotion_sweatdrop she looks at her father's petrified body laying on the floor emotion_8c and then to the note, which is places on the desk top nearby. sweatdrop

She allows herself a moment to cry, emotion_sweatdrop and then gathering her thoughts emotion_facepalm and trying to make sense of what happened she says outloud, "Father, I will save you." emotion_donotwant

She reaches into the apron pocket on her front apron and takes out the map and notices something odd, emotion_jawdrop ....its glowing faintly. emotion_jawdrop

As she opened the envelop, she realized the map itself is glowing, emotion_jawdrop

Looking at its feature, surprised she notices a small star gaia_star that wasnt there before, eek places on what would ruffly be in this day and time, exclaim there town, Bellis Ager or ~ Daisy Fields for how it was once a endless field of flowers once upon a time. emotion_kirakira

And a small set of dashes leading away to nothing on the map, emotion_eyebrow "So wherever it leads is not discovered yet or I havent been there" sweatdrop she said to herself and she thought, "Since Im near the Heart it must have awaken the magic in the map which was dormant" surprised She nodded.

She decided right away she needed to make her fathers petrified body less noticeable, sweatdrop and since she held him already she knew she had to "Physically" touch the heart to become petrified. 3nodding

So with some effort and some pushing and pulling gonk she managed to move him to a room where she could secure the door closed so no one would see him, talk2hand and she once again promised to "Save Him" before a hug heart and leaving the room and closing it definitely for the time she would be away. sad

She made sure to send out some mail to re-assure everyone outside that her Father was on an Expedition neutral and would be gone for some time before coming back home, 3nodding

And as well readying the house to look occupied as she could make it, cool Then lastly gathering all the supplies she would need for the journey, cool clothes and shoes and all the tools 3nodding and lastly a lock-box emotion_brofist to keep things safe in which she places the map and locked it tight placing the key around a necklace which she wore under her blouse, wink

More coming soon!