Fig. 4.
Mutation of RORα4 serine 99 to alanine does not abolish RORα activation by dBcAMP or CaMK-IV. HeLa-cells were transiently transfected as described. Incubation of HeLa AC220 ic50 with dBcAMP or H89 started 14 h before measurement of reporter gene activity. X-fold induction of reporter gene activity was calculated relative to pSG5 using tKLuc-REa23 as reporter plasmid. Results are given as mean plus standard deviation of three independent measurements; ?p phosphorylation at Ser99 is not involved in the stimulation of RORα activity by PKA. However, it is possible that phosphorylation at Ser99 which is located at the CTE of the DNA-binding domain affects RORα stability in certain tissues or modulates the recruitment of distinct coactivators that do not play a role under the conditions of reporter gene assays in HeLa cells.