POST ONE: As she wandered through Anchorhead, she observed what the Council had briefed her on, mostly Dugs and Rodians and many gangsters as civilians, a sandy desert planet with small shops and tents, and everything covered in dirt. 'This is a dangerous place,' Akiva thought to herself, 'I hope that the crew is okay. She shook her head. Akiva walked through the marketplace and looked for a secluded alley in which to communicate with the downed Freighter and it's captain. Within minutes, she had found her ideal spot, just place the market and between to buildings. She pulled her communicator from the holster beneath the sleeve of her cloak and spoke quietly, contacting the captain. Once she reached him, the conversation was brief. He gave her a general direction in which to head from the city. Judging from the coordinates he gave, Akiva would be there within the day.