Today's events have been a bit...silly.
At the program I go to, I left a bit sad because I've still been sad about my dog dying on Wednesday, but luckily, my friend, Dezzy, who is also an employee at the program, helped cheer me up. I spent most of the day listening to all of the music I like to listen to, mainly vocaloid songs like "Kokoro" and "Qualia". It was also cloudy this morning, so it fit the mood to listen to those songs.

Around 12, 1:00 P.M, we left to Mcdonalds and we each bought something. I chose a medium Coke because of the fact that I get nauseous every time I eat, as well as not really wanting anything. we went back around 2-ish where we spent the remainder of the time.

The drive home seemed a bit quicker than the first day, which is a plus. I got home around 3:40-ish, and went to see if grandma was home, which she wasn't. I then went to get food from the freezer we have in the back. It was a hot pocket and at least 9-10 chicken nuggets, as well as a sweet & sour packet from mcdonalds that I found on the coffee table. I got nauseated at least 2 hours after. anyhoo, I'mma go make something noteworthy to write on this journal. bye now! surprised