Clean up both hands and nails and be sure that they're free from dirt and oils. Readily oil free nail polish cleaner to clean the nails. This can make a beneficial clean base for utilizing the nail foils.

The particular stickers can be purchased in around eight different sizes. The best way to size them would be to cut each individual sticker to the same shape and size seeing that the particular toe nail cuticle, maintain nail tip longer simply because this may be cut and filed after finger nail application.

Peal the sticker associated with along with hold with tweezers. Hold with a hot table lamp to warm the sticker simply because this can give ideal results with all the Foil sticking application. It is a simple procedure, take your time applying the foil stickers and they can look professionally done.

Hold over the nail and adhere down along with finger. Ideal results are going to stick in between and push out towards the edges. The moment you're delighted fold the excess nail foils on the nail tips and slowly file off of the all the foils. Do this on just about every nail to get a professional looking entire range of nails.
Use a clear nail layer to offer a finish for the foils. This makes the foils remain on longer all of which will provide a awesome dry nail effect on top. Their nails look as if an experienced specialist has got painted the style their self.
Exactly the same approach can be used onto your nails. Cut for the shape and apply at present matching range of full nails with foil art.

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