The uniqueness of the filmmaker in Brian Kraft is the fact that he doesn't want his financial achievement to be reliant on conventional distribution outlets with regards to the marketing and distribution aspect. Kraft's accomplishment has everything to do with his experienced research and test-market capabilities to hone in on various niches before going into screenplay development. Kraft will scout for excellent screenplays with compelling, special stories which might appeal to a niche market. And then, he finds solutions to engage that market to gauge demand. If the demand is there, the film gets made. Since using this approach, the filmmaker Brian Kraft has directed, produced and distributed two niche-market films, The Prisoner's Guide to Freedom and The Fall of America and the Western World, a ten hour documentary.

The questionable motion picture The Brandon Corey Story was Kraft's first output of his directing and writing skills; it's a mock-documentary film in 2006 unveiled online. Sci-fi and conspiracy theory buffs got behind the project, sharing it with friends and posting on sites, all totally independent of Kraft who sat back and viewed as the world reacted online, some with praise, some with terror and some with contempt. Whether you like Kraft's film or not, it's one project which gets a rise out of people and Kraft's completely fine with that.

Although niche marketing and Kraft's own unique funding and distribution method have been working well for him so far, the filmmaker admits his method is not well-suited to market all kinds of films. Niche is actually where it's at. Go too popular and you're rivaling the bigwigs who've millions to
toss at any movie they think can bring a return. Kraft also thought of seeing his films on the theatres however, he considered the slight changes of funding and distribution. Today's always-changing film sector is closing some doors and opening others. You Tube, Netflix, Hulu and modifications in cable and network television, evince a media world that's in search of what works. Kraft is optimistic about what's into the future in the coming months and years, knowing there'll be increasingly more possibilities to make, market and send out his movies in non-conventional ways. He's got every reason to be since he's a forward thinking and persistent movie maker.

Brian Kraft possesses a few passion projects he's planning on pursuing when the time is ripe. Once a project gets momentum, the right people start showing up, funds start coming and the project takes on a push that's bigger than any one person's wants or desires. This kind of wonder is part of what "movie magic" is all about for Kraft. Not scared of going niche or of rocking the boat, Brian Kraft is filmmaker who's there, ready for the next growing trend, all set to pounce.