Kids, teenagers, and adults share something that is actually part of learning and developing. In our entire life cycle the veracity of possessing or reading a book is very more likely to happen. Do you still remember the time that your parents tells you some bedtime stories? I’m pretty sure you do. From that day on we are exposed to different kind of books. The one which sculpted our faith, the one that taught us to learn and those which made us cry, laugh and even thrilled. Yes, there is a lot of things book exhibited us. That is why the value of books are extraordinary. Books shared some qualities that they may be printed or written, with a leaf or a page. Books are furthermore associated to literature. From time to time its form vicissitudes as new innovation ascend. Discerning of how to know the value of books? Here are some few tips to distinguish the value of books. • Book Dust / Jacket Condition - The closer a book is to its original state the more value it will carry. •Signature- Generally speaking, if a book has been signed by the author or the illustrator then this will add some value to your book. •First Editions - First editions are one of the most collectable types of book and therefore their market value in fine condition can be at a premium. •First Books - A first edition of an author's first book will generally be worth more than their subsequent books. The underlying reasoning here is that in most cases the print run of an author's first book is general quite small in comparison to the print runs of their later works. •Association with previous owner - The association of a book with a previous owner can add value to a book where that person is either famous or important, or if that particular book held special significance. •Age - The importance of the text, the condition of the book, and demand for it will determine the value of an old book. •Materials used - books that have been published using some of the older and more traditional styles and materials of book binding can often command a high premium. •Importance of the text - People value books either because of their contents or because of their physical characteristics. •Sentimentality - books that your parents read to you in childhood, were given to you by special friends, or include the characters you admire or fell in love with.

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