For years, Brian Kraft has seen firsthand precisely how effective a force mentoring can be in individuals lives. Personally, he's experienced the advantages of mentoring thanks to several key people who empowered him to take the necessary steps to change his life. That path led Kraft to Recording, Radio and Film Connection. Now, as Chief Operating Officer of the three educational institutions, Kraft plays an integral role in assisting thousands of individuals get the specific, one-on-one training and direction they need to launch careers in audio engineering and music production, radio broadcasting, and film. Brian Kraft

Within the next couple of months, Brian Kraft kept tabs on Wilson to determine how he was doing with all the intense training he was getting in the program. The change in Wilson was palpable. After Kraft has seen the growth, a scholarship program known as The Connectors was initiated by him and Jimi Petulla, the Recording, Radio and Film Connection creator. Kraft went from mentor advocate and educator to philanthropist. Throughout the scholarship program, six-month apprenticeships with coaches for Recording, Radio and Film Connection are provided to qualified students. Scholarships even so, are not limited to just the recording, radio and film but extend to interior design, journalism, entrepreneurship, web design, jewelry design, photography and an array of other careers.

Lately, Kraft was invited to appear on Dr. Drew's television program, Lifechangers. A young, aspiring filmmaker known as Tracy Wilson appeared on the show and shared his pain at trying to get ahead making something of himself but never being able to make big enough strides to make a real, lasting difference in his life. Wilson, generally, is self-taught and skilled and he wishes nothing but to advance into great filmmaker and learn the basic principles. Brian Kraft (watch now) offered Wilson a full-paid scholarship for mentored coaching at the Film Connection "Learn in LA" program, the school's most rigorous, hands-on program for future directors and producers.

The most recent candidate of The Connectors Scholarship is DeMarcus L. Adams. The twenty-five year oldVideo Director/Filmmaker from Houston, Texas, has plenty of passion and says it's very important to him to "not engage in the trend. You'll hear many stories of great filmmakers from various corners of the world and their stories are their own lives' real ordeals. I'm committed completely and however long it requires, I stay very dedicated." Thanks to Brian Kraft and Tracy Wilson, the young filmmaker who influenced Kraft and Petulla to begin the scholarship program, DeMarcus L. Adams can train for 6 months in the real world of filmmaking as an apprentice to a professional film director. Investing in the time, making the investment in someone else and listening to their questions and teaching with patience and understanding, that is what mentorship is all about. Brian Kraft, mentor and philanthropist is assisting others learn, grow and connect to opportunities that are really worth working for.

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