Bibliophile, no this is not a medical condition rather this is the term used to describe someone who loves to read, admire and collect books. And we call the love of book as Bibliophilia. Book collecting is not a simple task, it involves seeking, locating, acquiring, organizing, cataloging, displaying, storing, and maintaining whatever books are of interest to a given individual collector. For any collector owning these “classic” or “rare” books is a must. Though in the path of book collecting there are lots of factors that should be considered. One is where to find such rare books, especially those first edition publishes and if possible the signed ones. Another consideration is the price or value of these “rare” books, one must be mindful of these factors. But once these factors are passed surely book collecting is truly rewarding, to be able to keep or own one of the classics is truly priceless. Being able to possess the small pieces of tomes of knowledge is nothing but pure bliss and something to be really proud of. Book collecting first begins when someone decides to read a certain book series or a series of novels perhaps. Then the love of that specific genre comes into play, they begin to venture to other books with the same genre or “feel”. If that particular reader or collector feels the attachment for that specific genre or author maybe he or she then starts to purchase books from the same author over and over or rather from the same genre over and over. In book collecting you must be mindful of certain important factors, one of which is to collect what we love. This way we would not be wasting our money on something that we might regret in the future. But with this don’t be afraid to be original as well, picking up a book with a niche subject area can be exciting and you’ll also have less competition for material. Also, to be wiser in book collecting you must pick specific collecting areas, like collecting melodrama books can be overwhelming, instead you can try to collect melodrama books by certain authors only to reduce the range of topic which can truly be overwhelming. For any individual who would like to start in book collection he or she must possess incredible passion for his or her chosen genre of books to collect and keep.

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