Virginia patients who wish to reap the full benefits of cosmetic surgery should review options that could assist them with problems they may be facing. For instance, if their face has began to sag, they should consider undergoing a face lift. If you want to learn more about a plastic surgery information now, you should visit Virginia Beach Facelift and schedule an appointment.

The Benefits of Face Lift Surgery

As women age, the first signs appear on the face and may cause them to feel unattractive and haggard. Several factors attribute to this including stress, smoking, and sun exposure. A plastic surgeon can restore the overall appeal of the face by performing Facial Plastic Surgery to correct these conditions.

With a face lift, doctors address a wealth of issues. Among them are the loss of skin elasticity, a reduction of muscle tone, creases around the mouth and the loss of contour. When a face lift is performed, the face is lifted and excess skin causing these problems is removed. In some cases, implants are inserted in different areas of the face to provide more lift to prevent sagging. It is the sagging on facial muscles that causes conditions such as jowls.

Tightening of Facial Muscles

During the surgery, the doctor will rearrange and tighten underlying muscles to create long-lasting results. With restructuring of the muscle, it becomes tight enough to sustain the face without leading to problems with the patient's skin. This allows them to achieve a more youthful look.

One the muscles are tightened, the doctor will begin to remove all loose skin around the face. Sagging skin contributes to the look of stress and a haggard appearance. As the skin is trimmed, it is tightened around the face to allow the patient to look their absolute best.


Contouring is another part of facial surgery that is beneficial to patients. This is allows the patient eliminate jowls and acquire a smooth neck. The doctor can reduce the size of the eyelids when dropping has occurred to lift the eyes and make them more youthful.

Patients in the California who are displeased with their appearance can seek assistance from a plastic surgeon to make them look younger and more vibrant. They can lift the patient's face and provide them with additional services when necessary. This includes simple lipo to remove excess fat without the face. If you wish to review your Virginia Beach Facelift options, you should contact The Choe Center today.