The Primera Division is Argentina’s primary professional football league. It is participated by twenty clubs that compete with each other annually. The games are played from August each year to May the following year. There are two stages in the league: the Inicial and the Final stages.

In 1891, an Argentine football association was formed and on April 21 of the same year, the first amateur football tournament in Argentina was played. It was founded by Alex Lamont, who was from St. Andrews-a Buenos Aires bilingual school. It became the first ever football tournament outside of Britain. However, it was only in 1931 that a professional football competition was formed, with eighteen clubs who played for the amateur leagues.

The reigning champions are Velez Sarsfield. The football club with the most titles is football club, River Plate, that has thirty four titles, followed by Boca Junior with thirty titles. The big five of Primera Division who have dominated Argentine football are River Plate, Boca Junior, Independiente, San Lorenzo and Racing.

The Primera Division has two stages: the Inicial stage, where the games are played within the months of August to December; and the Final stage, where the games are played from January to May. The top teams of the two stages compete with each other in a championship game to determine the Primera Division champions.

These two teams are then qualified to compete in Copa Libertadores-South America’s annual international league, along with three other clubs from the league. Thus, a total of five Argentine football clubs participate in the international competition every year.

The promotion and relegation system of Primera Divison depends on their averaging system. The two clubs with the worst averages for three years and the worst team of the season are relegated to the second division, while the top team of the 2nd division get promoted to the Primera Division.